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    If we were an offline institution, all of us training together, we’d know what everyone was doing.  We’d share in our successes and struggles and learn from them all.  We’d build a community through shared experiences and be better for it.

    But we aren’t offline, and except for the rare situation where we have people to train with offline or attend a gathering, this online medium is all we have.  Sharing our training and daily life experiences helps to create that community that we would otherwise have offline, and hope to have in the future. 

    We are all human.  We have our good days and bad.  The more we can share the more we learn about each other, increasing trust and forming relationships.  I know it takes time to fill in a journal, but like anything, once you get used to it you find it easier to fit into your daily life. 

    I encourage everyone to try to keep a training journal.  If you’d like your meditation journal moved to this forum, just ask.  Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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