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    This question is amusing to me, and probably to other Jedi reading this because it’s the first question we ask of new Jedi students.  And this has been a question asked for as long as I can remember.  I’ve answered this question, a few times actually over the years, but it was from a different perspective than I’m exploring today.  Typically this question is addressed from the perspective of a person coming to a path that is in existence (even if that path is young.) But after the awareness that began dawning last night I have to ask the question differently.  This is a question that I look forward to other people’s answers on.

    Why create the path of the Jedi?  No, I didn’t found this path. There are many who came before me, and many who walk with me who I am grateful for.  I can’t deny that I am playing an increasing role in the founding of this path as the years go on though.  I accept now that I came into this physical incarnation with the purpose of helping create this new path.  Why?  Why create a path rather than either fitting into or modifying an existing path?  It’s not like I haven’t explored other paths and never found them to fit.

    I’ll begin answering the question with another question.  What paths in the world aim toward mastery of the full self?  I have seen a lot of spiritual paths.  I see a lot of physical options.  But martial arts in our society tends to be all physical.  Most spiritual paths, in my opinion, haven’t evolved enough to be free of unhelpful beliefs and few support the spiritual path I am on.  I can think of a few groups that are similar, in theory.  Buddhist monks appear to be similar to what I think the Jedi path will be in the future, but they aren’t accessible to the average person.  In my opinion, there is room in the world for mind/body/spirit mastery paths. 

    So why Jedi itself?  Speaking for myself, I don’t have a lot of accessible examples that embody this mind/body/spirit integration and mastery.  I wasn’t taught about mythology at all in school.  I didn’t grow up reading comic books.  I didn’t even grow up with cable tv so I wasn’t exposed to a lot of movies.  What I did grow up with is Star Wars.  As a child I was drawn to it like most people of my generation, watching it with my friends at every snow day or other off day.  We’d play act scenes in the summer.  It was just a big part of our lives.  In a life without much mythology, it filled a need that appears to be universal in the history of humanity.  Mythology allows us to grasp concepts in ways we can’t with just words.  As I said before, I don’t know much about mythology.  I have yet to make it through The View from the Center of the Universe, but I understand that mythology is important.

    I guess this wasn’t as inspiring as I thought it would be. lol I should have wrote this earlier today.  This will be a work in progress for me.  I’ll still post it for comment though.  :-)  It’ll probably help me formulate my thoughts to hear others’ thoughts.


    So I will throw in my two cent.

    For me it was, in the fact of Mythology, different. My mother started quiet early to read to us out of different books about fairy tales and later, when we became older, stepped over to legends/myths. So I allready knew about all the Brother Grimm stories when I entered school and got to know about local legends and also about Odin, Thor etc.

    As I wrote in my Intro course material, I was raised as a Protestant but got very early attracted by Mythology and other Religions. Again it was my mother who sent me into martial arts class when I was around 10 to 12 or so. Which added the next part of what you are talking about in your post, Master Jax.
    Then through school there wasn’t much room to discuss all this influences with our Pastor. Here you might have to know that “Religion” is a subject in school you have to take. The only exception would be when you are a atheist.

    So out of that all, the influence I got from the fairy tales, the mythology, the martial arts, my own interests in other Religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism etc.) ends up that I’m now here.  ;)

    What I want to say with that is, that I do see the need of a Path for Jedi Realists, as it is for me the path which sums up and includes a lot of different things and topics. I’m in the situation that I have the possibility to train in a very good Dojo with very good peoples. So we are not only working on the physical part of our lives but also on or mental one. But, as society is at is, the topic of spirituality is one which is not touched there. Or in other words, I was once asked be an Indian guy: “I have heard that it is not allowed or liked to ask a German about their religion, is this right?” My answer to this question was and still would be that it is partly true. It is true in the way that here nobody would like to talk with a “stranger” about his believes, but, at least in my case, it is not a problem to tell someone which Religion you have.
    So why that? I guess it has to do with, that into your Religion you get born into – I assume that a very little percentage of people really choose their Religion – and so it is a part of everybodies everyday life but your own believings are just that your own and it needs a very trustworthy person to talk about them about this topic.

    All I want to say is, that in my opinion you are only able to talk freely without any concerns about things with people who share the same ideas and that’s it why, for me, we do need a Path of the Jedi.

    Sorry, if this post is a bit confuse as I just wrote it down as it came into my mind. But hopefully we could work it out clearer when we discuss about it!?


    “Adventure. Heh!
            Excitement. Heh!
                  A Jedi craves not these things”
                    -Master Yoda

        Talk has returned to the fact the some people feel that the Jedi Community is not doing anything and is stagnating. From one person saying that Philosophy and self improvement are a waste, to another saying we need to go out there and make a name for ourselves, while yet another is saying that the Jedi Path is just a fantasy, and that we’ll never be able to obtain it. I remember years ago, of someone talking about the fact that they felt we needed to go to the government and offer our service’s as some kind of diplomatic security force. Just recently, I was reading about one person getting disillusioned with the Jedi movement because they felt they could never be the warrior type, they are just too peaceful. I just have to sit and wonder what these people think being a Jedi means.

        To start, we have to look at the Jedi of Fiction, not just of the movies, but all of it. In the movies, the books, the games, the cartoons, we follow the Jedi around, and watch their escapades as they try and right wrongs, and balance the Force. This is what it means to be a Jedi, Right? Well, what about the other Jedi? These all follow the Jedi warrior’s around. What about the others? Others, you might say? Yes, the others. There are the Jedi Scholars, the Teachers, the librarians, the Mechanics, the Biologist’s, the Scientists, The medics. I remember reading a book, not sure which one, that mentioned a Padawan being assigned to the Medic Corps. At first she was upset, she wanted to be a warrior, and thought the medic corpse would be boring, but after some time, she realized this was the perfect place for her, it was an important role, and it fit her perfectly, but also there was the fact that she realized she wasn’t capable of hurting another. Why do we only see stories about the Jedi Warriors, because the story of a Jedi Scholar would probably be very dull. Yet because of this, everyone thinks that all of the Jedi were Jedi warriors. Without the Jedi Scientists, there would be no Lighsaber’s, without the Jedi Philosophers and Force Practitioners, they wouldn’t have the understanding of the Force that they do. Someone had to create the fighting styles, but someone else had to figure out the different uses of the Force. They way I have always seen the Jedi is that it was similar to a military branch, yes you had the grunts, but you also had the Admin people, the technicians, the medics, etc… while all had basic combat training, not all were meant to be in combat, the training was to help them survive if the happen to be involved in a combat situation.

        So why is it believed that every Jedi has to go out and “Do” things? It was brought up a few months back, that there is nothing new being put on the net for the Jedi Community, that it’s all the same teachings, just with new packaging, and that we as a Jedi Community need to forget about the Philosophy of being a Jedi, stop worrying about spiritual development, and just go out and do things. Why is it a one or the other situation? Why do you have to give up working on yourself, helping to create understanding, and stop exploring into areas we don’t understand and go do things? Why can’t we do things and work on our own spirituality, why can’t we volunteer and experiment with the Force? What is so wrong with trying to develop better training, a better understanding of who we are, and how to do things with Force, all of this while helping out with your local community? I help out when I can with the local community, with a couple of different charities and such, but I will admit, I don’t spend all of my free time doing so, but then again, neither did the Jedi Warriors of fiction. They still took time to meditate, to work on their connection to the Force, their spiritual health.

        Throughout all of this the big thing I keep hearing is what I call the Super Hero complex. People have seen the Jedi of Fiction and want to emulate them, completely. They want the Big temple, they want the Recognition of the people and the Government, they want the power and abilities seen in the movies. They want to join the Jedi path, and get the Cliff notes on how to be a Jedi. They don’t want to spend their lifetime learning, they don’t want to help figure things out, they don’t want to Build the Jedi community, they want to join it. They want to go out there, save the galaxy, right the wrongs, and do all the things they’ve seen in the movies. They gloss over the fact that all of this took millennia to create, and that it took decades before one was considered Jedi enough to go on these missions. They want someone to tell them how to be like that, now. They don’t want to have to wait, they don’t like the idea that they might never get there. Take Star Wars Galaxies for example, for those that don’t know SWG is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game, in this game, when it started, the Jedi class could only be unlocked after completing a special quest that was supposed to be different for each person. People complained, they found shortcuts, they found how to cheat the system, because everyone wanted to be a Jedi, but no one wanted to work for it. All of the power, none of the effort, and that is what I keep hearing in the community. Now let me clarify this, I am not saying that this is everyone in the community acting like this, but this is something I keep seeing over and over again. I think this is why we are having the pruning process that Jax speaks of, the need to let those who aren’t ready, to step aside, that way we get a solid core group, and get some solid training put into place, and work towards growing out of our infancy into something to last.

        Now if you have read through all of this, you might be thinking to yourself that I am saying we shouldn’t do anything but what we are doing, and this is true. We are building our training, focusing on improving what we know, but we are also out in the community and helping where we can. Recognition will come in time, and I would rather be known for having excellent teachings and training, while helping the community, then to be known for helping a community but being no different then any other group helping out, because they have no real foundation to build from. I mean, currently, what separates us from Taoist, Buddhists, or any of the other groups out there that preach helping in the community? We need to generate our foundation, to create our identity so that, not only do we know who we are, but others will know who we are when we tell them.

        I leave you with some thoughtful words of the airline companies, “Secure your own mask before attempting to help others with theirs”.


    Very well said Memnoich. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. All I can say is ‘here here!’ :-D


    This has just been something bugging me for the last few weeks, ever since I started join other sites forums in order to expand my sphere of influence’s. Aside from talks of alien intervention and how it might affect ones spiritual beliefs, there really isn’t much happening on those sites in the way of moving forward with training. Unlike here, where we seem to constantly have discussions about things that really pertain to the Jedi path. I’ve just seen alot of disillusionment on these other sites. Week before last, I was listening to a KOA archived Blogcast, and had to stop halfway through it. The show consisted of Khaos and either master Bane, or master Justin, or both, don’t really remember. At one point Khaos starts talking about how the Jedi community needs to stop worrying about playing with the Force and meditation and philosophy, and just get out there and do things to help the local community. He went on to talk about how there’s really nothing new to learn. But then later in the broadcast he talks about how we need to differentiate ourselves from the other groups out there, the Taoists and Buddhist and such, and until then we will never be seen as anything but fanatics. All the while Justin/bane just basically did verbal head nodding, didn’t even call him on his contradictory statements. But it’s just more of the same, I’ve seen a lot of arrogance, “Jedi” acting like they’ve learned all there is to know, and since they had to figure it out for themselves anybody that asks for help is just a waste of time, because all of the knowledge is out there, and if they can’t figure it out, then they aren’t ready to be Jedi.

    With all the talks of consolidation, I can see one method, that no one else has really talked about, attrition, the loss of other groups as they lose members for whatever reason. We may end up with a unified community eventually, because all but a few groups die out.


    Yes, I recognized many of the things you wrote about. That podcast was a very large test in patience and communication for me.  I was thinking today, what happens when we outrun our path?  There’s a reason Yoda and other wise teachers preach patience.  When we outrun our path it is the same thing as building a house before the foundation is set.  If it doesn’t completely crash down around you, at the least cracks develop making you weaker than if you had maintained the steady pace set out before you by the Force.  As I like to remind Phoenix, when Luke didn’t listen to Yoda’s call for patience he got his hand cut off.  How many people will figuratively lose a hand because they tried to do more than they were prepared for?  I’m not. And my goal as a teacher is to help others keep all their limbs. ;-) 


    Memnoich, again thanks for Your words! And as Master Jax had put it, I also just cut say: “Here, I here I’m.”

    All what You have written reminds me a bit on the situation we do have in a way in the martial art I’m studying. The Bujinkan system is one which was defined by our Soke and consists of six Samurai Ryu-ha and three Ninjy Ryu-ha. As the Japanese are as they are he didn’t put down exact rules how the Bujinkan have to be or how somebody have to train. So this make it possible for everybody to be what he wants to be within the Bujinkan.
    But this is a kind of a big soap-bubble. If you don’t have real foundations, you might be able to built up your dream castle and blind others, but when there is someone with real knowledge coming and prick into your bubble it will collapse and leaf you back with nothing.
    So you need a good and healthy foundation to be able to built up on it. This might also be a reason why not much new material is coming up!? As I wrote in my personal training diary, I don’t know what to write about as things are repetitive. But Master Jax pointed out to me, also things might be the same every time, it is most likely that you can find a new/different point on it and through that you might be able to get some new insights.

    All I want to say is, that it needs time to learn and understand and to develop yourself. And as you both said it, you need to focus first on yourself before you become able to go out and help others. Otherwise it is very easy to get lost out there.

    Very well said Memnoich. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. All I can say is ‘here here!’ :-D

    So say we all, so say we all.

    Honestly though, and this is just me being opinionated about it… the Jedi who thinks s/he has learned all there is to learn about being a Jedi isn’t much of one.

    Kol Drake
    “It matters which side we choose. Even if there will never be more light than darkness. Even if there can be no more joy in the galaxy than there is pain. For every action we undertake, for every word we speak, for every life we touch — it matters. I don’t turn toward the light because it means someday I’ll ‘win’ some sort of cosmic game. I turn toward it because it is the light.”

    Qui Gon Jinn ~ Master and Apprentice (2019)

    We have chosen ‘the Path’ because it means something to ‘us’.
    It fills a void. It answers unasked questions. It enlightens without steering with an iron fist.
    Be a Jedi.
    Or a Sith.
    Or neither.
    Your choice.
    It matters.


    Yes, it matters! The Path of a Jedi Realist, although it is “just” another path which we can follow in life, is a path, a way of how one can live one’s life and already simply because of that it matters as it gives the individual direction and guidance and as we all here help each other on this path it is a path we, although individually, walk, experience and live together and that is what finally connects us.

    So, if one choses to follow the Path of a Jedi Realist make it matter to you as this path matters to us.

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