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    Hello everyone.

    I came here for the purpose to see if there are actual people who live by the basic standards of the “JEDI” code created in the SW fictional universe.

    I am here to learn more about the lifestyle and belief set, not to dress up in costumes or pretend that the movies are real.
    I mean no disrespect to movie fans or those that enjoy the Sci-Fi and fantasy aspect, but I am here to learn about the force and see if there really are people who believe the things that the fictional Jedi believe.

    To me this Jedi lifestyle or “culture”  represents the best qualities of people. Intelligence and trying to improve oneself and to be aware of yourself and what’s around you as well as being benevolent and helpful and actually taking action without loosing focus or becoming a supporter of popular and “good” causes…if that makes any sense at all…I think these are really good and maybe rare things that are being lost. Treating people decently, having kindness and manners but being confident and strong, having courage…all this seems to be fading away in modern society. Was there a more “civilized age” in the past? Many questions…

    What I’m trying to say? To be good in a sincere way and serve others but also serve yourself and not be a doormat.
    I think the JEDI may have something to teach about all this…if their really are such people who try to practice such selflessness for such genuine reasons.

    Well, I’m tired…I hope I’m making sense to someone out there. Maybe I’ll be more clear in the morning?

    Stay safe, happy, and healthy!


    Welcome! I hope you take a little time to take the intro course and get to know us, our perspective on the Jedi path, and yourself a bit better. :-)



    It would appear that you have a very clear vision of what you are looking for.

    Do not be affraid to ask if you need help with anything. I am sure all of us will be glad to help in anyway we can.

    I hope you find what you are looking for brother.

    May the Force be with you



    Welcome Mr. Christian,

    I hope that you find everything you are looking for here, as we are definitely not an RPG site, but very focused in training ourselves.  As Jax suggested I recommend taking and reviewing the Introduction course as that has a lot of information about who we really are.

    There is also an FAQ sheet found on our home page that might give you some additional insight.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask :)



    Welcome.  I’m glad to hear you have such a well-defined view of where you see your path leading you and the values that you . . . value. :D  I look forward to learning beside you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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