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    Spark Vallen

    So… I took a peek and the last time I was through these halls was back in February.  :noway  Bad Sparky!  Sorry about that – along the way, I’d lost bookmarks at work and only stumbled back across this site today while searching google for some information. 

    Hello again!

    At a quick glance of these boards, I see a lot of names I do not know (though its good to see some familiar faces too!).  So I better do a proper introduction, huh?  Okay well, here goes:

    My name is Spark Vallen, though I also answer to Catherine.  8)  I’m 30, female, live in the USA.  I work a couple jobs, do community theatre when opportunity strikes.  I volunteer at a parish pantry, restocking and organizing the shelves in advance of clients’ visits.  I have a dog named Bruce and I live at home with my mother, partially because she has serious vision issues and needs my help (for transportation, reading, etc).

    My Jedi path began in 1987 when I saw The Empire Strikes Back on HBO and was WOWed by it.  I later read A New Hope and decided that I wanted to grow up to “be like Old Ben Kenobi” minus the dead part, at least for awhile!  :P  I was fortunate to know someone – when I was a kid – who was into metaphysical topics.  She’d given my mother a book on meditation, which I promptly inherited as mine.  And as I was already doing volunteer work as a kid (at the Salvation Army at that point), I basically saw that as living the Jedi path: serving and meditating.  I kept on with that throughout childhood and my teenaged years and because I’m old as Yoda  :yoda, I was in my 20s by the time I found the first of my Jedi realist sites: the Force Academy.

    Those who’ve known me awhile know that my path (online) has been varied and I’ve seen a bit of travel.  I guess – in my own way – I’m fairly notorious in some circles for that.  ::)  I’ve had my stint among the Light Jedi, the Shadow Jedi at the FA, Shadow Jedi elsewhere and even had attained a decent level of learning and rank at Sithism in its heyday.  I’d been at Jediism, JEDI, JRA, JKoC and basically everywhere in-between, seeking to learn what others knew and figure out ways to pragmatically apply that understanding in my life.  It’s made me seem chaotic, but there’s been a method to my madness… no, really!  ;)

    The two best online programs I’d been involved with were at the FA and at Ashla Knights.  With the former, it was the Universal Jedi material that Adam Yaw had put together.  As far as definitions and self-defining goes, of all the “paths” one could follow, that idea of the Universal Jedi has always suited me the best.  It’s ironic and unfortunate that the powers that be at the FA put the kabosh on that aspect and – if its still visible – it’s not handled in such a way to provide feedback to anyone who’d be curious to delve into its ways.  :(  The other program that was a great influence on me was developing the Potentium material at AshlaKnights.net.  I’d been charged with that, as an instructor, and the learning experience of putting the material and program together, aside from refreshing myself on all the lectures and meditations I uncovered to blend into the program was invaluable.

    These days, I’ve two online apprentices (one is new and one is sporadically active).

    I work out 4-5 times/week and have lost 12 pounds since last May.  I’m on a very big quest to get my physical life in as good of order as my headspace has been.  :) 

    I guess that’s about the extent of my story for the time being! 

    *bows*  :rebel


    Welcome (back) spark :-)  Actually, the only working backup we had of the forums thanks to our old host was from February, so it’s quite possible it hasn’t been that long.  But either way, it’s good to see you here.  We should have a chat about the stuff you’re working on now.  Once I get a few minutes… hahahaha  Look for a pm at some point soon.  :D

    Spark Vallen

    Oh, okay.  Maybe I’d been back through since then.  But who knows with me.  LOL

    I shall watch for the PM!  :r2top


    Hi Spark, long time no see.

    Spark Vallen

    Nice to see you again, Inari. :)

    Magdelene Nashira

    Hi Spark!  Don’t know if you remember me, but I read a lot of your teachings when you had them at JEDI and have seen your postings around.  Nice to see you again!

    Spark Vallen

    Yep, I remember your name, Magdelene [Yoda] Nashira!  :yoda  Nice to see you too.

    The Great Hulking Scotsma

    Sparky Sparky Sparky whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  :welcome hello sparky :D lol you know me hehe good to see you *hugs*

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