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    We have traditionally been a source for training for individuals on the Jedi path, and as such aren’t often the most active discussion site online.  While I would prefer that change, I know there is a limit to what I can control in this instance.  Instead I’m wondering where else you visit online for discussion, if anywhere?  What websites exist changes fairly often, but knowing what sites are popular with our membership can be useful, not only for our site but for our members who haven’t found places to hang out. 

    Right now I’ve been chatting at bit at the Jedi Temple, which is where the Blue Group training program resides.  Chris was my first teacher when I joined the online community, so it’s great to check in with her.  I’ve also recently been directed to J.U.S.T Jedi, which has some familiar faces.  If there are other sites where people consistently visit, I might just have to expand my travels farther.  :-)


    I hang out here and at the Jedi Resource Center primarily. I’ve been reminded of the Jedi Temples existance again recently (oops, I forget sometimes) and pop into the Jedi Foundation and J.U.S.T Jedi from time to time.

    I’m not a great one for moving around online though, only so many ‘leisure’ hours in the day for such activities.


    Yep, same here.  That’s why I don’t ever just google Jedi sites.  Way too much to sort through. 


    Aside from this place, I only go around to the Wizards of the Force, which isn’t Jedi. To use JBar’s explanation of the site, it’s more “elven-ranger-ish.”  :D It’s a site that focuses more on developing the abilities of each person, but also on self-sufficiency and sustainability and environmental stewardship.

    There’s far too much drama out there at all of the other “Jedi” sites to bother with. I like this place because you all are here.  ;D


    We like you too.  Yay!  Glad to see you swing by, haven’t had a chance to chat in a while.  We’ve got lots of news, so hopefully I can catch you online sometime soon.  We have a new helper in our house :-)


    I frequent this site the most.  Because this has really become my home site and I do love you guys, too ;D

    Other than that i haven’t really visted any other Jedi sites.  I know of the Ashla Website, and would caution anyone going to a select few others, which I will not say here as to not start gossip :P :-X

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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