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    September 1 , 2007                                                 


    We have upon us, in the very near future, an enormous, pivotal, awesome, and incredible opportunity for a real and true ascension! It is amazing to see, and difficult to put into words. This is what we have been preparing for, for the past three months (or really, several years). This is what many have been feeling was on the horizon of late, but may have not known exactly what was up.

    An opportunity like this, I have only seen once before, when the ascension process began in earnest nearly 6 years ago. This will be an enormous endeavor, and a dramatic leap dimensionally. We literally have an opportunity to cross over into another reality…into another world….into another place entirely. We will be able to jump dimensions and arrive in a different world…one that we have never seen before while in these particular bodies.

    Our spiritual evolutionary process involves much see-sawing, as we evolve from one vibrational ladder to another over time. We shift, release, integrate, and evolve, over and over again. But this particular shift on the very near horizon is quite different from all the rest.

    Why is it different? The shift through the September 11th portal, during the time of the solar eclipse (BUT KNOW THAT THERE IS A WINDOW AROUND THIS TIME AS WELL, AND WE ARE ALREADY STARTING TO EXPERIENCE SOME OF THE MAGIC AND RAPID MANIFEATATION), will literally separate two worlds. A vast an incredible opening will occur, and many will go through this gate. This will be a dramatic ascension. The heavens will open, and many will literally fall through. And know that in going through this gateway, we will not go “up.” We will go “through,” as ascension involves returning to the depths of the earth herself. You see, heaven is really on earth. It all happens here. It is where heaven and earth meet. Returning to earth is a vital and crucial part of the ascension process. Thus, it is through the earth that we ascend. She is our gateway.

    We have been leading up to this ascension most intensely the past several weeks, as we have been held back (and certainly protected) from re-entering, or becoming involved with the old world. This was because the old world will begin its great fall even more intensely after the ascension of the 11th occurs. We were protected and held back in readiness for the ascension in September. We were at the train station, with our bags packed (or unpacked!), having left our old homes and old lives, waiting for the train to arrive (and waiting, and waiting), and arrive it will….very soon. And it will be quite dramatic indeed.

    I have been reporting that things will again begin forward movement in September, but I need to clarify that it will be a different kind of forward movement. It will again be a very magical time, and I say “again” as we have been in this magical energy before, for limited periods of time, as it “peeked” through the clouds. This time, the energies will not so much be arriving for us to experience, but instead, we will be “going” to another reality which embodies them 24/7.

    (With negative and fear based thinking, along with buying into the illusions of the old world, we can also bounce out of this new reality, if we are not careful. But we are only humans, so this will most likely occur, but we will quickly learn how to navigate the dimensions by the way we are feeling and by what we are experiencing.)

    On the other side of the portal, our very thoughts will manifest with near immediacy, we will be in instant energy, we will be supported as if a gentle, but strong and powerful hand is under us, guiding us in every way, and gifting us with incredible things and opportunities that come directly from the mind of Source, and we will feel awe and amazement on a regular basis. It will be a time like no other. All of our needs will be met, as if by magic. Like giddy children just released onto a playground of beautiful gardens, rainbows, fairies, and magic wands, we will experience much joy and awe, and just plain fun! And “ease” and “flow” will be the words of the day.

    At times, when the energy of the light returns after a so-called absence, it can arrive with great force and dramatic movement. This time, it will be different. It will be much more magical, light-filled, shimmering with the fairy dust of illumination, and love and gratitude will be in the air in any given moment. This is the energy that exists on the other side of the portal. On this side, there is no war, anger, fear, or abuse. On this side there is no insecurity, pain, or suffering. There is only an effortless existence in a world that literally floats with little or no density.

    The three months that led us up to this point were challenging indeed. At times, we may have doubted our faith, we may have reviewed each and every thing a dozen times, we may have done a life review and pondered at how we got here, in this space of no energy and so much pain in the world around us, we may have wondered if we were where we needed to be, or perhaps if we were worth anything at all. We may have felt disappointment in how things had turned out…or even surprised at how things turned out. Or asked ourselves, “What was the point of all of it anyway?” And we may have wondered if things would ever be good again, or ever, ever change.

    This was the energy of dis-connect. Like hearts that have been removed from a body during a by-pass surgery, we will once again be replaced and ready to beat again.

    Recently, it was revealed that Mother Theresa had a 50 year crisis of faith. For the last 50 years of her life, she had felt disconnected from Jesus and God, did not feel the presence of God in her life, and described her crisis as living in hell. And she felt this way for 50 years, but still continued on with her service.

    “Jesus has a very special love for you. But as for me —  The silence and the emptiness is so great — that I look and do not see, — Listen and do not hear.”  MOTHER THERESA TO THE REV. MICHAEL VAN DER PEET, SEPTEMBER 1979

    In our times of confusion and doubt, it can be challenging to keep our faith alive. But this is what faith is all about. It is a knowing that the unseen does indeed exist…a belief in a higher power that knows more than we do. It is a knowing that all is always in divine and perfect order, because in the end, we seem to always find out that things were always right on track, and unfolding according to a divine and perfect plan.

    What of those who have seemingly been left behind? What will become of those who are still grasping at the old energies, at the old manifestations of power and security? What of those who do not see? Choices will be given again and again, as there is always opportunity for a new arrival on the other side, for each and every individual on this planet. As the old world begins crashing down, a willingness will be created…created for the purpose of surrender to occur. Those then, who were holding on in fear or ego based power, will have the opportunity to let go and agree to different ways of living and being. The longer one chooses to hold on, the longer their stay in “hell” will be. Contrast always serves to create a willingness and desire for something different.

    It reminds me of experiences I had when assisting trapped souls who had not crossed over after death. You see, all that exists in any given reality, exists here on the earth, as we create these illusions in our minds. No new news here…what we believe and choose to see or look for, will manifest as our own individual world or reality. We need not be trapped.

    As we go through the gates of September 11th, saying good-bye to the old world, we will find ourselves in our own heaven. We will be in our own versions of what we believe heaven to be. We will be safe and secure in our own sanctuaries which we have created from the simplicity of life, without the connection to the old systems. And we will most certainly and always be in the moment…in the now. For this is where heaven resides.

    So how do we get through the gate? The more we pull out and remove ourselves from the old world, the more we will experience the new world. Our supports will arrive as if by miracles and magic. There will be much more compassion and oneness with our fellow man… a softer reality will emerge.

    Surrender is the key. Allowing is the key. I remember when I began a big ascension leap in 2001. I totally freaked out. I was told that if I relaxed and let go, and really trusted, all would be fine. Similar to the dying process while in the 3D world, the more we fear and resist, the more difficult the process. And as we are continually dying while we are alive, the same is true.

    A few weeks ago, my star being companion (or guide, or higher aspect of myself, whichever feels best to you), told me that I would be leaving this world and not be returning. I wondered if I had a terminal disease, but now I know what he was referring to.

    If we can simply go with what is being revealed to us, trust that we will greatly be taken care of, and let go, we can ride an amazing wave that will deposit us in heaven. When I married my husband in May, I had only known him for three months. I was terrified, as I had never been married. But it was an arranged marriage by our star being families, and I had to just trust….BLINDLY TRUST. I am now in heaven with this man, and this is how it is with ascension. Whenever I had fear, we had a rocky time. The same with ascension. TRUST, TRUST, AND TRUST SOME MORE.

    When we get out of our own way, or ego minds, or views of how we think things should be, a new and much more wonderful plan will arrive for us. My husband is nothing like what I might have imagined for myself. I so resisted him at first, as he did not fit my ideal, but none-the-less, I felt such an enormous pull to him and knew this is where I belonged, even if it did not make sense. Oprah Winfrey once said that hosting a TV show was not something that she would have ever thought of on her own…..and now look at her!

    If we continue to focus on what is being revealed in the news or even in the old world of illusions, we will stay where those manifestations are taking place. And this is what is falling. We don’t want to stay there. Heaven is here now. If we focus on that, this is where we will be. We continue to step over it, don’t see it, do not realize that it is right in front of us, and remain connected to the old illusions. The old illusions are what we need to let go of in order to get through the gate. We need to see where we truly are now, not where the media or outside world would like us to believe we are.

    Going through the gate of September 11th will transport us to a safe haven, no matter where we are. Higher vibrations cannot be affected by lower ones. If we are desiring to locate to a new geographical area, we are usually guided by a passion, joy, and strong desire to experience somewhere new which more closely matches our new and higher vibration. This is a perfectly orchestrated coincidence to get us to where we need to be as well. Continually going toward what feels better, whether geographically, with our work or passions, or with individuals, is a good and true guide to get us through the gate.

    (Another scenario is present as well. My husband Phil and I discovered that the ancient Mogollon culture suddenly departed because they knew that a lower vibrating faction was due to arrive, and the higher vibrating society of the Mogollons could not share space with this newly arriving energy. Currently, the same scenario is unfolding, but it an opposite way. Here in the small town where I currently reside in Northern Arizona, there is a substantial movement about to occur. The individuals and energy that have claimed to have been the first settlers of this valley, are preparing to depart. They can no longer reside here. Businesses are closing right and left, and although this process may take a while, it is beginning. So then, certain areas, organizations, and thus, will depart or greatly shift so that more higher vibrating and light filled energy can replace them. These, then, will become our places of heaven. And these places will arrive for us according to where we believe heaven is for each and every one of us.)

    If we can be still, sit still, be in the now, and allow and accept that where we are is truly heaven on earth, we will instantly be catapulted through the gate. Heaven is in the stillness…it is in the “here.” Moving through and pushing ahead takes us away from this space and away from heaven. Navigating from an ego or intellect and analytical mind, takes us away from heaven. Living in pure simplicity and acceptance takes us through the gate. Allowing takes us through the gate. Heaven is here now, and being still allows us to connect to what is right at our feet. It moves our focus to where we are, which is truly in heaven.

    If we open our eyes, we can see it right in front of us. And the portal of September 11th will open the gate for our arrival. Are you ready to go?


    Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

    Until next time, 



    I thought I would bump this…  Been considering it for a few days…  I may not believe much in astrology etc, but I gained much from this article and it’s philosophy…

    -Asta Sophi


    With astrology, there are different levels.  Most of what we’re exposed to is real surface stuff, so there isn’t much to be learned from it.  But there are deeper areas of astrology that are really important.  And this I wouldn’t call astrology, as it doesn’t have much to do with stars and planets, but larger level energy shifts.  But who knows, I certainly don’t.

    What I found interesting is that I’ve had some really good times during the past few days, and some really bad (like last night).  However, the bad, I believe, is simply due to my own severe lack of sleep and having already worked 35 hours in the course of 3 days.  I’m beyond exhausted and that is taking a toll on my mood.  I look forward to…umm…saturday(?) when I can sleep in and see how my energy pans out at that point.  But, I’ve found some successes with energy work that haven’t been there before, and when I was up I was very up.  I have manifested things I previously thought impossible, though that was on the 10th.  I don’t think the exact times matter much though.  I also noticed that, while I work washing dirt I just started smiling for no reason.  All I was doing was playing in water and clay, but it felt good.  Perhaps that was the eclipse energy on the 11th.  Hard to know.  But I think the long term effects are what matter most.  And that I’ll post on once I regain balance sometime this weekend.

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