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    Always, I generally check this site once a day, and my e-mail about 3 times a day (once when I get up, once when I get home, and once before going to bed) so feel free to contact me on any medium. Err Just make sure to let me know which part we are discussing of what I wrote because I tend to write a bit longwindedly and you might be talking about one part and I might wind up answering about another  ;D .

    The Great Hulking Scotsma

    Jax it was founded in the states but here is a link to it on wikiapedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiritualist_Church

    I was christen in the Spirtualist church my god mother was a healer/medium and my godfather was medium/healer as well. I haven really been in the church except from my christening and one day with my ex wife who was havening a problems with a dead ex so we went to the Spiritualist Church and her problem was solved and I came out scared and on a buzz as the woman said to me “welcome back to the church, my reply was I never been here she said I don`t mean this church I mean the Spiritualist Church as a whole, you have a spirit name don`t you which at this point i was err scared when she said my spirit name. Anyway enough of my ramble-ings lol

    Magdelene Nashira

    I would think it easier to teach a class on the major religions.  Those are laid down specifically where you have definite language to describe them.  It could be done on a web-research basis also.

    I agree with the people saying that spirituality is a very personal thing.  And though for some it may have nothing to do with religion or culture, to others it is very much intertwined.  So I think there are many points of view about what spirituality even means.  Not only that but when you try to teach spiritual concepts you run into a lot of language problems based on the fact that there is often no common basis for understanding.  So it causes a lot of confusion and arguments.  Also I just feel that the only real way to learn spirituality is to live it and to live it in a pretty much self guided and Force guided way.

    shamus flameblade

    wow this is an interesting topic. The way I see the spirituality vs religion debate is as a map. Spirituality is the actual terrain and religion is the map that represents it. All maps have distortions intentional or not. You can study a map of China untill you have it memorized but you don’t truly know it untill you’ve seen the great wall and then your understanding shifts. Also I see all life built on a pedestal with three sides: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.
    Now as to the questions you actually asked:
    1. What would I expect to get out of such a course? Exercises and structures that give us the tools for our own awakening and an enviornment that supports this difficult process.
    2.What concerns do you have about such a class? That each persons process would not be given equal weight. Also inadequate support for what is a difficult and painfull process. I also question whether this can be done in a semester term.
      I do think as a follow up possibly a class touching on the “major” world religions and how they express spirtuality is a good idea since as jedi knowing others world views helps us maintain peace but I think this should be done after you are secure in your own spirtuality. Just my two cents

    love always,


    Shamus, that’s often how I view it.  As for your concerns, the point of the semester course is to provide tools which you will apply throughout the future.  Successfully passing a course of this type would require understanding the tools and how to apply them, along with an attempt.  Everyone would be encouraged to push themselves more than if they weren’t taking a class, but they would need to listen to their intuition so they don’t push too hard that it becomes detrimental. 

    Thank you for your thoughts!

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