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    Arya Dela


    My name is Arya Dela. I’m here to not just to learn but to meet others who are as like-minded as I am.

    I know there is something I’m forgetting to say. I’ll remember it someday, maybe.


    Why not share a bit about what mind you have so we know if we’re like minded or not?


    I agree with Jax and welcome!!! ;D

    Arya Dela

    First off let me say I”m sorry for taking so long!

    My reasoning for not coming back and answering, well they’ve come with a death of family member. I had to deal with more then the death but moving as well. Top it off going back and forth to a hospital daily for two months does take a lot out of ya. People said I should of not of done this but I couldn’t leave ICU or give up because I was tired or sick. I didn’t want them to think that no one cared. Since the rest of the family lived so far away , I was the only that was close I took what ya call kind of informer for the family role.

    You cold say between a family members death/moving/then not having internet for so long. I did forget about this place until I was able to log n to email account. and found a message from this place. That you could say was my oh wow moment.

    When I was first here I wanted to learn but what now I’m not too sure what it was I wanted to learn. Guessing stress a more harm then good. No I didn’t write it down but now I wish I had.

    Let me look around first and figure that out, then I can answer your question as to what I’m looking for and why I’m here.


    that is a challenging chain of events. We’ve all been there in some form or another. You don’t need to know what you are looking for at this point. It is highly likely that the answer from before is different from the answer you’d give now.

    How are you doing now?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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