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    Forty- Five
    Great accomplishment seems imperfect,
    Yet it does not outlive its usefulness.
    Great fullness seems empty,
    Yet it cannot be exhausted.

    Great straightness seems twisted.
    Great intelligence seems stupid.
    Great eloquence seems awkward.

    Movement overcomes cold.
    Stillness overcomes heat.
    Stillness and tranquillity restore order in the universe.

    Source: http://daily-tao.com/


    I really enjoyed this week’s Tao because I think it plays very well to the modified Jedi Code. The original Jedi Code goes: “There is not emotion, but there is Peace.” While a more modified code is, “There is emotions, yet Peace.” I use the modified code in my daily meditations. We as humans, and even Jedi, have emotions. It is a part of who we are, and is not something we should ignore, but there is opportunities to create peace in any situation we have.

    This Tao , at least the first part, seems to mirror that same thought. We can do great things, yet that does not make us perfect. The balance between ignorance and intelligence, or twistedness and straightness, its not that one is better than the other, but that they complement each other. In a sense, this quote is so much the essence of Tao: contradiction, yet balance…duality.

    What do you get from this?


    Get out of your head. No perfect time. No perfect plan. No perfectly empty canvas. Derive meaning later, go do something while there’s something to do! Then when you burn out, stop when it’s time to stop.

    That’s my projection of the chapter. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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