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    “No Dan, you don’t know it yet, but you will go that far and beyond.”- Soc

    Welcome to Discussion 1 for the “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” Study Group.  My name is Tai, and I will be the moderator for this group.  How much you get from this study group will depend on how much you want to truly dive in.  I will be there to carry along the discussions and occasionally put down my own thoughts, but I leave it to you as a group to really tear this book apart.  As the quote above might suggest, you are about to jump into things you don’t know about yet, but by participating and being active in this group, not only will you read a great book, but you’ll go beyond that and truly take many themes that I hope will help you along your path.

    I want this to be a journey for all of us.  I want all of us to learn something new.  For Today, I want you to answer the discussion question below based on your previous experiences.  You do not have to have read the book to answer the question(s), but if you have, that is ok. 

    Please create a journal, if you have not already done so, in this group for you to post anything we do as a group, or any individual “enlightenments” you may have while reading, that you would like to share.  For the first entry I want you to repost your roll call information, and then I would like you tell us a little about you Jedi Path in the first entry…where you have come from, where you plan to go, etc.

    *Please note: If at any time you feel that something you want to share become TOO personal, you are not obligated to post.  Please just let me know so that you can receive credit for the journal entry, discussion questions, etc.*

    Question 1: Have you ever gone on a spiritual journey?  Physical?  Emotional?  What were they like?  What were you expecting? What was your goal?  Did you take the journey to enjoy the journey itself, or to just reach your end goal? 

    Ok, I would like you to reply to this first discussion with what I have talked about here and also what you are expecting to earn from this class.  Then I would like you to answer question 1 in your journal.  I will be participating as well, and will hopefully post up my stuff by tonight.  Happy thoughts!


    I hope to learn Meditation and Astral projection better, and make some friends.


    We may go over some meditations, but astral projection is in Jax’s field. Trust me, you’ll make many friends…you have already :D

    I guess I’ll add in my response here as well.  I plan to get some teaching experience, but also to look deeper into the truths presented in the Peaceful Warrior book.  I am hoping by sharing this book as well, that I can help others, and myself, work towards understanding the path that we have chosen to walk.



    Well I’ll have to say that I’m kind of disappointed :(

    I thought there would be more responses..I encourage everyone to share through out the ENTIRE week, not just during the weekends.  This way we can keep topics hot and full of discussion.



    I started working on my reply yesterday
    (I have it saved as a word file right on my desktop to find easily and to get back to work on asap.)
    but also had a few errands to do yesterday.
    today I was at my church’s annual 4th of July picnic and over 30/under 30 softball game
    and tomorrow I have a kinda busy day.
    I’ll finish it and then post it asap.

    I could post what I have so far, but I feel it deserves more than what I have for it so far.
    so want to work on it more and then will post when done.


    First thing that came to mind when I read this was, ROAD TRIP! Being in a military family and having to move every 2-3 years you get used to taking long journeys. So I’m really looking forward to this one! I tend to like to be in control of what I’m doing though and where I’m heading. That also includes knowing where I’m going and having a set time of when I’ll arrive and what I’m going to get at the end of the journey. Not a bad thing when taking an actual road trip but when you apply this to life it can be a very bad thing. So my main goal for right now is to relax and not worry about what I’m going to learn or gain from this class but to just enjoy where this path leads. With out having a bunch of expectations of what I’m going to learn or gain from it.


    Sounds great. 

    my philosophy is that if you have no expectations, you can never be disappointed.  So yes, that is a good idea to follow.

    I have a good friend who moves through the military as well.  with him, he has learned as he as grown up, to never expect anything.  He never knows where he is really going and a quite a few times he had to transfer between schools half-way through a “set of years”(not sure how to describe it)  Like he would go through half of elementary school and then switch to a new one. 

    It reminds me about our life journey.  right when we settle into one way of life, we are often tested in this way by our higher self to make sure we are still growing and walking our sane path lol



    Yes, the military life can be hard as it is in all aspects of life! I can relate to your friend. I went to at least four elementary schools when I was younger, if not more. Managed to stay three years in S. Korea and get all the way threw middle school then moved to WA state and did my first two years of high school and now I’m in TX finishing high school down here! Its great though. I’ve made lots of friends and been able to learn about different cultures and languages. I think it depends on the way you think about it though. If you want to have fun then you most likely will but if you think only about the negative stuff then your not going to have a good time. Even though I’m only a dependent of the military it has helped me greatly over the last few years to kind of grow and learn how to adapt to new ways of life. Keeping an open mind is the key though.

    Kol Drake

    Posted in my journal.  :saber


    you begin with a quote from the book: the way of the peaceful warrior,
    then a welcome and state your name/handle.
    after this, you mention that what we get out of the study group is up to us,
    and how much each of us puts into it.
    you mention that you will be participating as well, but leave it to each of us
    to really get into the book, which you hope will help us along our jedi path,
    you hope that this book and reading it/getting into it will be
    a journey for us all to learn something we haven’t learned before.
    you ask us, if we haven’t already done so: to create a journal for this study group and to post
    an inital posting or two telling everyone a little about ourselves and our jedi path:
    where we’ve been in it, where we plan to go along our jedi path
    and then to go on and answer question 1 in our journal for this study group.
    I hope to enjoy a good book, learn what it means to be a peaceful warrior,
    (which seems a bit strange in a way to be peaceful yet be a warrior)
    and how I can apply this to my jedi path.

    speaking a bit of that path, lately I seem to have a voice of reason and peace etc
    among some of my online jedi friends, when they’ve been
    somewhat arguementative with one another, not really
    communicating quite as efrectively with one another
    as they could if they would just take some time to think about
    what they’re saying and listen to each other, without posting
    things that would or could possibly be hurtful to one another, etc.
    I’ve jumped in and yelled a bit at them telling them to stop fighting, posted a bit
    about various songs with lyrics and videos LINKs, poems etc
    to get them to think more peacefully and about getting along
    with each other despite what seem to be differences of opinions etc.

    (^ specifically reply 21 on june 27 2007, reply 24, reply 25, and reply 29 all on page 2 of thread.)

    ^ but I guess most of this last part really belongs in my journal,
    so should I post this there too: starting with “speaking a bit of that path” ?

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