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    Kol Drake

    Answering ‘the call’ from Popular Mechanics to come up with cool, green devices — here is one that is basically a micro electricity generator with a minimum of parts, virtually zero friction/chance for ‘busted parts’ and could mount in a window.. or on a stick with a ‘weather vane’ tail to help it track to the prevailing winds.


    Please read the article and click on the movie to see how it works.


    (( Think those silly flashlights you shake.  A magnet goes back and forth in a coil which ‘makes’ electricity.  He’s got the wind working for him! ))

    Genius in it’s simplicity…. and really a ‘smart’ solution which can work very easily on an individual level.


    I just love seeing the terms ‘eco’ and ‘geek’ married together! Now I can embrace my wholeness as an EcoGeek!!!


    one word: bada**

    Kol Drake

    More ‘not brain dead yet’ news…  This time from South Korea.

    Sunpower & solar cells…

    The promise still unfulfilled after 30 years (because we can’t make them “cheap enough” so someone else can make enough money off them).    Even so, the efficiency of a standard, flat, square slab of silicon crystals has not changed that much.

    Enter these guys…


    Kyosemi Corporation makes a ‘solar ball’ which allows for 360 degree exposure potential…. so you don’t have to worry about all the ‘sun tracking’ gear –AND– also allows them to put these mini spheres into all sorts of shapes.

    I REALLY like the that it can be put into flexible plastic substrates… or glass… so it can do it’s ‘solar’ thing and still let ‘regular’ light into a room… seems pretty cool.  Not found the parameters to see ‘how many pellets equals a square inch of ‘flat’ silicon…. or how outputs compare but… looks like someone is finally lifting their heads above the horizon of ‘flat land’.

    Kol Drake

    Speaking of solar cells…

    BB sized balls ( 1mm) are not the only ‘hot topic’ lately.

    Seems there is private and university research work being conducted regarding organic solar cells.   Initial work indicates ‘great leaps’ in efficiency.

    Also seen organic layers in LEDs (light emitting diodes) — called OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, where the light output is many magnitudes brighter.  One guy has had marked results using ‘left over salmon sperm’ DNA as a layer in the LED.   (Ten times more efficient and thirty times brighter!)

    WHO thinks, ” hmm, what would REALLY make for a great ingredient for LEDs?   SALMON SPERM!”


    (( Bad mood creeps in… bio-organic electronics is a growing field.  It replaces ‘some’ toxic materials with organic substitutes… which is good.  BUT, organics tend to ‘die’ faster so they are almost like a ‘god send’ for companies that need ‘planned obsolescence’ for their products.  ** got to have them ‘fail’ so they can turn around and sell more… ** ))

    Still, new ideas are a ‘good thing’… which other industries can actually use.

    Super high res OLEDs for mobiles?

    The advantages of OLED displays are undeniable: they are thin, energy saving, and offer great contrast and color values.  The downside? It’s expensive, and hard to make.

    Sony has a hyper sharp micro display (think for iPods and cell phones) — but they are still very expensive device, proving that OLED isn’t yet consumer technology.         

    Samsung (world leader in LCD display production) claims to have found a way to bring high quality OLEDs to the masses.  They’ve found a manufacturing process that not only reduces the cost of making these things, but also allows cramming a WVGA resolution in a 3 inch display.    Such a display would mean laser-print quality of the displayed image in any lighting conditions, and less battery consumption, for any mobile device where it would be used.

    Think of a screen on a cell phone — a 416×354 pixel screen that already looks like a full color laser print.
    That would be some major ‘leap’ for the cause of organic/electronics.

    Kol Drake

    Subtitle this article under — Now someone is using their head !!! 

    No need to explain this one… just read it.


    (( Inari, maybe we can get hair and oyster mushrooms for YOU to cultivate for your garden??? ))

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