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    Kol Drake

    While it does seem at times that Star Wars is ‘over and done with’ since the movies are long over and that wanting to be a Jedi (realist or not) is more a joke then an ambition… there are times and incidences when the world does not seem quite so ‘dark’.



    Great Story! ;D

    I have a real issue with bullies – probably because my one year older brother was bullied.  I saw his hurt, pain and aloneness.  He had some real friends, thank goodness, but once the bullies began on him the friends – as boys do – figured it was his fight.

    You see – my brother is not a violent guy – and he is also gay.  He never acted “gay” and to this day there is not one swishy thing (nothing wrong with swishy – love my swishy pals) but the bully has a radar towards something “other” the present status quo and because the bully is afraid and needs others around him/her because of their fear…  well… I guess we all know.

    So my brother had his very under-sized little sister often there for him.  I also do not believe in violence for violence sake.  But with the bully there is always his/her fear – and retaliation is pretty easy when the right moment presents itself or if you catch the bully alone.

    (Bullies are always the NICEST people alone…  but once in their pack…).

    Okay – I have a real problem with bullies because I’ve seen first-hand the incredible pain they love to cause.  I’ve been shocked by the bullies that have been here in Jedi Communities – and a few who remain.


    What I especially think is amazing about this story is how the Jedi Online Community is acknowledged as is the message behind Star Wars – in particular – the Jedi message.

    Very cool story Kol – kinda made my day. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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