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    I was wondering if anyone can help explain a phenomena I have experienced. Occasionally I have gotten a picture flashed across the back of my eye lid when I blink. These pictures that I have seen aren’t related to anything I am doing, have done, or thinking about. I have had this happen about 3 times I think I can only remember one however. The picture was an Egyptian Priest getting crucified with 2 other Egyptian priests near him at the base of a sand dune at noon. I also remember the other 2 were also gorey. Anysuggestions on what this might be? (In addition as soon as I opened my eye again, as a I was blinking, it was gone)


    Visions are a very tricky thing. They could really be anything from your imagination (which could be argued up and down) to a memory of a past life. It could be the future or a unrestful spirit that wants to get a message out. I think this is one of those things that you are going to have to figure out for yourself unfortunatly. I look forward to hearing what anyone else has to say.



    How long has the vision been happening?

    Is it in color?

    Is there a smell, or can you sense anything else there?

    Do you hear or know any of the names of the people?

    Do you “know” the place?

    Which direction is the priest being crucified in? Up or down?

    Does it just “flash” in front of your eyes, or does the image linger?

    Is it in motion, or is it like a photograph?


    What do you feel during these visions? Is there a “connection” between you and the scenery?
    Like Innocence_Lost I think there are various explanations. But I think it is not important what exactly it is. You are interested in this and that means it has a relation with your present life. Perhaps it is just a message from your subconcious. If you like meditating, then go and find out about this connection in meditation. Listen to what your heart tells you.


    In response to Yeelan I feel like I have met the man being crucified before, but I don’t know him very well. Like a distantly removed cousin whose name you forgot, but you remember their face. I feel like I am seeing the past rather than the future. I havn’t had one for awhile,but I do notice now that you ask that they all have happened around when I was frequently meditating. Perhaps I will meditate more on this in hope of some answers. Yes Its in color, but it’s a little fuzzy. I know that the man on the crucifix is in extreme pain, but not just by looking at him. I don’t know the names of the people. I think there may have also been a Pyramid in the background. I vaguely recognize the place like the feeling you get when you get Dejah Voo.The priest is being cricified up. Also I relize that there were no visiual indications the priest was a priest, but I just new the same goes with the priest observers. It was in about have motion half still. It came and went so quickly though it might have been moving. The actual vision projected on the back of my eyeled flashed but the image lingered in my minds eyes for awhile.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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