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    Kol Drake

    Just got word last week that my daughter had a mishap on the ski slopes.
    “Only the bunny slope” I was told.
    “Just a spill off the side of the run” they said.

    Less than 3 weeks since the spill and she is having continuous migraines, starting to have difficulty grasping for words and more. My ex has been there the last week but, she has to get back to her job or lose it and paychecks. So, I am making arrangements to drive out and help as I can… if I can.

    This means my normal routine of checking the site multiple times daily and poking my nose into all the posts will be sporadic if not nonexistent at times. Sorry for that. After almost 20 years banging about the IJRS/Jedi Community in one of it’s many forms, it feels like I’m leaving things undone. I hope ‘Life’ will stabilize and I can check in as time permits.

    Until then, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future..” — the Force be with you all.


    You will be back my friend! (You need to! I am lost without my wise ol’ Jedi mentor). I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Know this Jedi, and her birthday twin will be sending healing thoughts your & her way.

    May the Force be with you both (and the rest of your family) on this difficult path ahead.


    This doesn’t sound good at all :/ My thoughts are with her and the family. May the Force guide you through the difficult times!


    Sorry to hear that! Also from my side all the best for your daughter, the family and everyone who is involved. I will ask for that things will turn out the best and most beneficial way for everyone.
    Take care and stay well and I will send energy along the way to your daughter and You!
    Remember, the Force is always with us! :meditate


    I’m so sorry to hear that Kol and hope your daughter recovers quickly. Family can be such a worry! Look after yourself too.


    I hope your daughter is feeling much better by now. My thoughts and prayers are going out for you both!


    I hope your daughter’s health is improving. May the Force be with you and your family in this scary, life changing, and difficult time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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