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    True Strength comes when Love is your Primary Guide
    The Force is the strongest then, Logic just flows and the Brotherhood of Light is always with you (A STRENGTH That Truly Has NO Limit)
    Being calm at all times

    A snip of the article;
    Love is not unfathomably deep; it is immense power which never slept, active since primordial eternality, and immeasurably abundant and logic-laden. Love flourishes splendidly in all being, in animals and flowers on the meadows, in the human being, in the word and also in the singing, and forever it will permeate the world. Love will continuously be the purpose of life and all-timely it is given in logic.

    A very good read, and u can print out

    Thoth your OLD mate

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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