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    The triquettra seems to keep popping up in relation to Jedi sites.  Its a symbol with a rather rich and somewhat diverse history, having been used to represent several ‘holy trinities’ across the ages.

    I am always curious what symbology other Jedi use in their practice, and why they use it.

    One of the things the triquettra symbolises is the three realms.    Its a cosmology important within my own order as the three realms are one (of the many) models we can apply to understanding the various aspects of the Force.  That it keeps showing up in relation to Jedi is something I am taking as a sign from the Force that what we’re doing in regards to the three realms is on the right track. 

    The Force itself we symbolize by the sacred flame, which itself is seen as both the culmination of the three realms, and transcendant of them…  much like the Force is at the same time the sum of its parts, and also transcendant of all of them.

    What follows is a rather brief outline of the three realms as we use them in the Order of the Sacred Flame.

    The Three Realms
    The ancient peoples known to us as the Indo-Europeans, developed a cosmology, or set of beliefs, that held that everything within creation, from the brightest star to the smallest grain of sand, was comprised of three distinct, yet interconnected, parts.  Their later progeny, the Celts, further refined this belief.  They believed that these three states were necessary for something to exist within the universe.  The three vital states of being, according to the Celts, were:  Mental, Spiritual, and Physical.

    Celtic cosmology also divided the very universe itself into these same three categories, although they approached it somewhat differently.  Whereas all that is within creation has inside it each of the three states of being, the universe is divided into three sections that correspond to these states of being.    Thus did they devise the Three Realms of the Universe.  Each realm is distinct, but they overlap and interact with one another.

    The ancient Irish peoples called these realms Magh Mor (MOY-mor), or the Great Plain of the Upper Realm of the Sky; Mide (Meath), the Middleand of Realm of the Earth (Land); and Tir Andomain (Cheer ANDO-vain), or the Land-under-wave, the Realm of Sea.    They saw their world as existing of these three realms, which combined together to make up the whole of their reality.  It is very difficult to clearly dillenate the ralms, as they overlap, and each flows into the other two, for although they are unique, they are forever intwined together.  Many of the Gods hold influence in all three realms.    The Realms of Sea and Sky each affect the Realm of Land.  The seasons themselves are a direct result of the motions of the Earth and Moon around the Sun.  The Realm of the Sea also manifests in the Realm of Land, as it governs the cycles of Birth, Life, Death, and Rebirth.  Even the Realm of the Land influences the other two.  Caves, burial mounds, and the depths of lakes and rivers are all portals to the Underwold Realm of Sea.

    Here then are the Realms and their Correspondences:

    The Realm of Sea (Underworld)
    The Realm of Sea represents the past and the mental and emotional aspects of existence. This is the dwelling place of our Ancestors, whom we wish to know and honor.  Representation:  Water;  Correspondences:  Past, Ancestors, Underworld, Mental/Emotional, Subconscious

    The Realm of Land (Middleworld)
    The Realm of the Land represents the present and the physical. We are beings of this realm that we share with the animals (and plants) as well as the nature spirits.  Representation:  Salt;  Correspondences:  Present, Nature, Spirits, Our World-Physical, Conscious

    The Realm of Sky (Otherworld)
    The Realm of the Sky represents the future and the spiritual. Many of the Gods and Goddesses ‘reign’ over this realm, though it should be understood that they often transcend all three realms.  It is also home to ‘higher-order’ spirits such as Angels.    Representation:  Incense;    Correspondences:  Gods/Goddesses, Other World, Spiritual, Super-conscious

    The representations for each realm are, of course, just suggestions.    One doesn’t necessarily need a physical representation, but for those who find such a thing a helpful meditation tool (and don’t have a better representation in mind for it), you can go with these until you come up with a more personal representation.

    Kol Drake

    Reminds me of the workings of the shaman who consults with the entities and/or spirits of the Overworld or Underworld.
    Did not know the Celtic tradition had a similar cosmology.  neat  :)

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