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    This is a journal for Jedi Travis and myself Tai. Starting tomorrow I will be officially on my journey to giving up smoking and I think Travis has either already started or will be starting tomorrow.

    I plan on logging how many cigarettes I have in a day, and documenting my thoughts, struggles, and methods I use during this journey. I assume Travis will be doing the same.

    Next update will be tomorrow night.

    Wish us luck.


    Good luck! Remember, it isn’t the end of the world if you have a smoke. It’s a choice. When you make that choice, refer back to your list of reasons you are choosing not to smoke. Look at pictures of loved ones. Remember who you wish to be, and make choices that support that. There’s no need for guilt or pressure.


    Thank you Jax. :)


    Travis – Entry #01

    First, I have somewhere around 15 to 20 cigarettes a day. These past few days, I’ve dramatically dropped that number. Today, I’ve had 5 cigarettes, and I’ve already noticed that I think less about it. However, given enough time between cigarettes, I begin to feel the effects of “withdrawals”.

    My current approach is that I find things to distract myself through cravings. I play video games, meditate, or go outside/play with my son. One thing I am thinking of implementing is working out when I have a craving. This would serve the dual purpose of quitting and increasing my fitness, both lending to better health.

    Ultimately, my view on smoking is thus: the health concerns are obvious and clearly show that quitting is in my favor. I have a child and another on the way. Their health is my priority, and if I want to be around to see them experience life, I need to be more concerned with my own health. I see smoking as a crutch, and I don’t feel too good that I “need” it, per the addiction mindset. I want to with outdoors with wildlife and I don’t want to be hacking up a lung every five minutes hiking in the mountains.

    This is where I’m at currently.


    Well done Travis, 5 cigarettes is a lot better than 15. Looks like I got some work to do :P.

    It is 11:08 here and I am only out of my bed an hour ago. Haven’t had a cigarette yet and don’t plan on having one until all my morning things are done. I have to get my breakfast, get the shopping, check my email etc so I can use this time to keep my mind distracted.

    I didn’t know you had a child on the way, congrats. :)

    Well done so far Travis.


    Well today has been a great start. I have only had 11 cigarettes as apposed to my usual 15. I find that when I get a craving, I can say to myself, ok once I have finished this, or once I do this. Usually I finish what im doing and forget about my crave. Not always for long but it gives me a little more time before needing one.

    I also find that chewing gum takes away the thought. Having something in my mouth makes it less likely to think about it. I think it might be a psycological things. So far a good start.


    Travis – Entry #02

    As of 8pm, I have had 7 cigarettes today. I might have at least one more depending.

    I had easy access to cigarettes today and not a lot to do after running errands. I had my hands full watching my son today, and wasn’t as active as I should’ve been.

    In response to Tai, I very much think that it is a psychological issue. There are physical symptoms from withdrawal, but most of the quitting process is a mental one. It’s just coming up with a replacement for “I’m bored/stressed/whatever so I should have a cigarette.”

    I think you’re off to a good start too, Tai. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick, but it can be done, and we’ll both feel much better when that time comes. Don’t think of the end goal: doing so makes the task seem bigger and brings about impatience. It can also serve to discourage you when you look and the task seems monumental. Set small goals and take baby steps.

    Keep it up, friend!


    7 or 8 cigarettes isn’t all that bad. Could be better yes but lets face it, it could be a lot worse. I think your doing a fine job. it’s 11:26am here and I have just had my first one so im going to see how the rest of the day goes. The problem with today is, my partner is heading into town with the little one and im left at home. I got a lot of time to do what I want today so im going to try and keep myself busy so I don’t smoke more than my target. My targer today is 10. Just one more than yesterday. If I can stick to ten cigarettes today thats a huge step forward.

    I agree with you, it’s the mind expecting that something in the mouth. I keep finding myself chewing on pencils and things like that. The absense of smokes is making me go a little ditsy :P but its going good so far.

    Glad to hear your doing well. I hope tomorrow is another “less smokeless day” :P.

    Thank you again Travis,


    Not a great day for the smoke free quest but this road will come with many bumps. Today I have had around 14 cigarettes. Pretty much the same amount I have been smoking. Today was a longer day than yesterday though so that could be the reason, but I wont blame my addiction on time.

    The weekends are usually the days where I smoke more appart from sunday. Fridays my partner goes into town and I have the day to lounge about as I please. I tend to see it as my day of rest. I guess having more time to relax means I have more time to smoke. Im not discouraged but I do hope tomorrow is a better result.

    On a better note I am starting to have more awareness of my smoking. Im starting to fight back the addiction making myself hold of another 30 mins or maybe even an hour. Although it doesn’t always work that way I tend to find it gives me some motivation to go and do something and then reward myself with one.

    Although today wasn’t as good as yesterday im going to get up tomorrow, meditate in the morning and see if I can make tomorrow a better day for my smoke free quest.


    So far a good start and my congratulations to both of you to make this into a team project! Many helpful things already had been named and therefore the only thing I can off is, that shouldn’t I read here about the progress of both of you, I will make sure to make you aware of it and keep us up-dated. I hope, doing so is okay with both of you!?
    Anyway, I wish you both all the best on this journey into a smoke free life!

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