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    Today, in response to some other questions posed somewhere else on this vast internet, I realized some things that I believe may be the root of our problem as a Jedi community – the lack of transparency and sharing between all members.  I’m going to share a portion of what I posted in that thread (though the entire response is in my blog for the curious). 

    What I’m interested in is if others view this as a problem as well, or if I’m the only one.  lol  And if so, what can we do at this site to improve the situation?  Publicly post a list of our blogs, and encourage others to start one?  Have an area for training journals for those not fond of blogs?  Voice your opinions! :-D

    What do I want?

    I would like a more organized group of Jedi, which I suppose we can call an order.  I would like those people who have rather similar ideas of what the Jedi path entails to come together, sharing their strengths and compensating for other people’s weaknesses.  For the time being, I am focusing online as that is where we can reach the most people without limits of location, time, and money that limit our activities offline.  I’d like to see a strong group pulling together and sharing their path for whoever else is interested.  I’d like to see growth from everyone, not just those we call students, because we all have our weaknesses and limitations that I don’t see being trained very intensely except in a few situations.  And this, I believe, is our biggest hindrence to moving forward as a community.  (that may have been a bit circular, but it works for me today)

    Why do I want this? 

    I believe having a core group of people that are actively training offline, but sharing their experiences online, will provide a good example for all the many independent people who explore the various websites trying to find someone similar enough to them to stick around for a bit.  I can’t think of many websites where people share their actual real life training experiences.  Even more infrequent do you see anyone sharing their training challenges, for any number of reasons.  But when we do we increase the level of trust among everyone involve and occasionally learn something!  *gasp*

    When we have shown that we are truly all working together, learning and growing together, everyone benefits.  Students stick around more because they have an actual relationship with the other members.  The reason I have stuck around is due to the relationships I have forged with certain people in the community, both more experienced and less experienced than me.  Honestly, there are still plenty of people in this small group that I couldn’t tell you much about.  I don’t know how they train on a day to day basis, I don’t know what their normal life is like, I don’t know their predominant focus, really all I have is what they present online, which is minimal.  I find myself saying things like, well, I don’t really know them, but this person says they are trustworthy, so I guess I’ll trust them.  But that isn’t satisfying, and doesn’t ring true.  The word of another only goes so far.  And in the end, those that I trust the most are those who I actually know through their online blogs and training journals.  I know their trials and successes, I know what they study in their offline time, and I know they speak from experience that I’ve seen to some extent.  There are very few I can say that about. 

    Realistically, I don’t think we’ll see anything of a Jedi organization or order without transparency.  Otherwise we lack trust or just basic information about individuals.  I know everyone is doing their training offline, away from the computer, but we are organizing online.  We can only work together online, there must be a greater sharing of knowledge online or we will continue to just have little splinter groups that are left without the greater support of all the other Jedi training earnestly because there is no actual relationship with others.  And no, I don’t think meeting up once a year for a gathering is enough.  Who knows what people are doing for the other 51 weeks of the year?


    That is a good point, and one that I have realised myself, which is why I’m running my training journal over at the JRC, and have my blog as well. BUT the biggest hinderance I personally find to writing about my training is time…time to write and also time to note down at least some of the insights that I have.

    I do agree that it would be extremely beneficial if more people journaled in more detail. *Slaps self on hand* I at least will endeavor to do better in this regard.

    Magdelene Nashira

    A lot to think about.  Will do some meditating on this as no thoughts are jumping into my head except that I can identify with Inari and the time issue.  I’ve been struggling for a long time just to try to get myself organized.  With so many things to do and so many other things I have to do it is easy to get distracted and off target.  So I work on trying to keep focussed, but the thing is a lot of what takes me off focus is another project that is just as important as the one I get distracted from.  I think having time to do things is one of the major obstacles Jedi face on the path.

    Mindas Arran

    Is there a spot on this board for such an endeavor?


    Nevermind. Answered my own question.

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