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    I saw this in an email, and wanted to share.  She didn’t put them all in this email, though she has a link where you can listen to the list.  I just don’t have time to listen right now, so hopefully I’ll catch the next emails and add to this list.  Enjoy!

    The Top Ten Law of Attraction Blind Spots

    (In Letterman format – going from least to most detrimental.)

    10. Thinking that success with the law of attraction is related to magical thinking

    I can’t tell you how many people are confused about why they are getting what they are getting (or, more often, not getting what they “think” that they are asking for).

    This is due to the fact that “thinking” is only a small element of co-creation.

    The Universe does not favor people who “know” about the law of attraction. As the law of attraction is absolute, impersonal and precise, it operates the same way towards every one in every situation – no exceptions. And it responds to your “energy,” not simply to your thoughts.

    9. Practicing habits that shut the channel

    As explained in #10, co-creation is all about energy and the alignment of energy. Once you have decided what you want
    your part of the process is to “ask” and stay open to receive.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of us fall into unconscious daily habits that block our receptivity. Thus, when we _______ (worry, judge, express a need to control, feel attached to an outcome or crunched for time) we inadvertently shut down the channel connecting us to our good.

    8. Putting a cap on desires

    I’ve seen this happen over and over with my clients and it typically shows up in one of two ways.

    Either the client has some contradictory energy around achieving the type of success that she envisions (for example: wanting to make a huge financial leap while simultaneously fearing what other people will think if she does) or the client has a history of feeling so disappointed when he has wanted something that hasn’t come to pass that he unconsciously assumes that it is better to not want and, as a result, puts a strong “cap” on his desires.

    7. Thinking the law of attraction is it all about “stuff”

    Although the majority of people who have been attracted to studying the law of attraction might have initially focused on attracting cars, houses and monetary gains, most everyone who comes to understand the law of attraction on the deepest level quickly sees that the value of the law of attraction is far beyond the level of “stuff.”

    Once we truly understand how the law of attraction really works, we can view every experience in our life as a mirror so that we can ascertain exactly why we are getting what we are getting.

    For example, I coached a client last week who was having a real challenge pricing her services correctly. Even when she thought that she was allowing for all contingencies, her clients routinely stretched the scope of projects or asked for rewrites without expressing a willingness to pay for the additional services. In fact, she found that it was not at all uncommon for the people who made the biggest demands on her to be the ones who were late in paying her or the first ones to complain if she did not respond in what they thought was a timely matter.

    After inviting her to consider how these experiences reflected a pattern that appeared in other areas of her life, my client began to understand how her failure to create clear “boundaries” with other people resulted in her attracting people who would try to get as much from her as they could.

    Now that she understands how the law of attraction is providing her with a perfect reflection of how she has been holding her energy, she is free to change it. And this, my friends, is how my students and clients become skilled at creating “prosperity from the inside out.”

    6. Getting stuck in “reality”….

    …and thinking that is is our job to figure out “how” it will work.

    Abraham-Hicks explains that most of us have “what-is-itis.”

    Yet, the skill at the heart of co-creation is the ability to accept what is – exactly as it is – while intending improvement and expansion.

    Our work is to become clear about the essences of what we want – and to let the Universe handle the details.

    Yet, the skill at the heart of co-creation is the ability to accept what is – exactly as it is – while intending improvement and expansion. Our work is to become clear about the essences of what we want – and to let the Universe handle the details.

    As I was reading the beginning of this post I was already trying to find the words that articulated exactly what I read at the bottom. Ahhh the “law of attraction.” Interesting I will follow the link when I get home from work, and listen to the whole thing.




    I think there are other posts that would provide context for this, it’s certainly come up in discussion.  If I get a chance, I’ll get some other contextual links for those unfamiliar.

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