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    Many of us are building new habits this year. We’ve tried different methods, so I’d like to start compiling those tools. Please share techniques and references that are personally helpful to you, so we know they worked for at least you. ;-)

    The method that worked best for me is using an app called Lift. In it I enter whatever habits I’m trying to add. This works because it’s on my phone home screen. I check it often throughout the day so I’m reminded of my goals every time I see the app, even if I don’t open it. I can easily check off what I’ve done and look at a calendar summary. There are other people who can give you props or comment on your checking. Jedi Phoenix is also a member, so we can be accountable to each other even when we don’t chat online.

    This also works because I chose a mix of goals. I have my big goals, like walking or running, that I know aren’t easy to do now, but I’m reminded that they are a goal. I have many little goals as well. Some apply to work, such as reminding me to get up and stretch. Or drink a glass of tea. For instance, without this app I would have forgotten to drink tea after just the 2nd or third day. But I open my app, and even if it’s an hour before I leave, I go make a cup of tea. It helps me build the habit. Other habits are to remind me to stretch at home. Or meditate. Cook. Clean. Things that are important to getting balance in my life. Heck, I had to add ‘check IJRS’ this week because I was so distracted! But it helps!

    As soon as I feel the habit is solid I’ll remove it.

    There are some great posts I’ve read lately that go along with this idea.
    Zen Habits: Sticking to a Habit
    Zen Habits: The Four Habits that Form Habits
    Nerd Fitness (everything is inspirational lol)

    What works for you?


    Examine the habit you’re wishing to build. Why do you want to make a certain thing a habit? How does it benefit you? What can you do to set yourself up for success? Reminders are excellent, utilize post-its or set reminders on your cell phone, or even ask your friend to check up on you to see if you’ve done what you are supposed to. When the idea is to change one’s life to better, it’s always best to start small. You might have a ton of habits that could use changing or that you could introduce to your life, but if you try to change them all at once you’re prone to failure. Set yourself up to success instead. Choose the one(s) that are most important and start with it/them. Give yourself time, you are not going to change overnight. Track your progress and how your thoughts and feelings change as your habits change.

    If you’re trying to break a habit which is a really persistent one, create steps to help you make progress. Stop smoking – switch to nicotine gum – switch to regular gum for example. Use Access tools if you know some – like clearing statements – and help yourself out with affirmations. Program yourself to succeed! Also, practice mindfulness. As you’re more in tune with the present it’s harder to let bad habits slip by your attention. Also, some habits can have complex reasons behind them, like overeating because of the need for comfort. I suggest you try meditating with your habits to see if there are underlying issues that could be dealt with in order to help you break the habit with ease. Don’t beat yourself up if you ‘fail’, just keep trying.

    Affirmations and clearing statements can of course be used for building good habits. “It’s easy for me to _________.” or “Whatever is preventing me from successfully doing ________, I destroy and uncreate it times a godzillion. Right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.”


    Yes, I’m definitely a fan of the Lift App. What’s great is that its also a good way to work on my perfectionism!!! I have so many habits I want to add that I try to check them all off each day…to get that running streak. But the point is NOT to build a streak, but to build a habit. So even if Imiss a day or two, its not the end of the world. What matters is if the next day I pick right back up.

    Today I meditated in the morning for the first time in like 3 days. But I realized that I did this “habitually” with out even using or checking the app!

    So yes, building habits are hard, especially for a perfectionist. THe point is to have awareness and being gentle with yourself. There is no race, no competition. Just a desire to improve from where you’ve been.

    Dineara had some great points as well. I especially like the clearing statement idea :)


    Habit Change for Newbies | Nerd Fitness

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    5 Ways to Instantly Become More Productive


    A good list Nick. I will add Habitica in here. There’s a thread on it elsewhere.

    Jax wrote:
    A good list Nick. I will add Habitica in here. There’s a thread on it elsewhere.

    I installed Habitica last week, because some friends from Epic Nerd Camp use it and created a guild. I started using it as a way to remind myself of daily activities and interact with friends. My phone is in my face a lot, so I might as well do something useful with it, right?

    Once configured, it is working well for me to keep tabs on myself, especially over the weekend. It is quick to run through a daily update, check boxes and hit a few buttons, but I haven’t found it very interactive yet.

    If anyone uses it, then let me know how you use it.


    Maybe I should restart it. I did well for a while, but then lost track.

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