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    This is a game, a kind of round robin experiment. Whenever you feel like it, hop on in this thread and make the statement “Today as a Jedi, I did…” and include what it was you did. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but it should be something exemplifying the Jedi Path. I’m asking in advance that no one debate what it was that people did as a Jedi, and that EVERYONE take this seriously, it does us no good to have “Today as a Jedi I ran over my neighboors dog”. Consider this a kind of social experiment, a game, and a chance to inspire ourselves and others.


    Yesterday, I reached out over our nasa instant messenger to a coworker who I know is far behind in certification.  I’ve been worrying, and over the course of our discussion I got to be the first person she told that she’s pregnant!  So now I have a secret, but one that I only need to keep for a little while.  It felt good to follow my instinct and reach out.  I also offered my help to get her caught up a bit. 

    Just a little thing that can make a big difference in the grand scheme of things.  And now, as a good Jedi, I’m going to bed!


    Two days ago My friends and I bought some snacks and candy from a dollar store. I got a big bag of peanut M&M. After that we decide to go to the mall to hang out, but on the way I spotted a woman on the side of the road with a sign. I was only able to read one word: Hungry. I eating the M&M as we were driving to, and I started to think. I turned the car around and parked at a nearby Wendy’s telling my friends that I’d be right back. The woman had already started walking down the street when I caught up to her. I talked to her and gave my M&M and three dollars. She said her name was Paula and she was homeless. I told her my name, shook her hand, and goodbye. When I got back to the car my friends asked me jokely if she was my pimp since I gave her money.  I told them what she said and I wanted to help her. They didn’t know what to think about the M&M though.


    As someone who’s helped homeless before, you made her day.  My wife and I were friends of sorts with a few of the people who lived down the street from us and hung out by the blockbuster store.  One day it was really cold and she literally gave the heavy hooded sweatshirt off her back to the guy there.  We also returned later with a winter coat she hadn’t worn in years for another person in their camp.  I gave them money when I could, but as a grad student that wasn’t often.  Sometimes just saying hi, acknowledging them, and listening to them helped.  From this I learned that the guy was former army, served in the first Iraq war.  That helped him stay alive though, because there are always people trying to steal from the homeless or hurt them (often other homeless who are too crazy to realize the insanity of that).  The woman died a few months after that.  She was stabbed because she and her husband were reporting drug dealers for the reward money and they figured out she did it.  Shortly after they were all chased from that little area because a new store was moving in, and I didn’t see any of them again.  Austin, TX has a huge homeless population, and there was no way for me in that situation to help them all.  It did feel good to have helped a few for a short time.  I learned a lot about their situation, enough to know I never want to be in that situation. 

    You did very well!  As for the M&Ms, it probably didn’t matter one way or the other.  If she appreciated them, that’s what matters. :-)


    Well, it wasn’t today, but yesterday. To put it mildly I served as the diplomat making sure all voices were heard and that all parties came to reasonable agreement. There was one person being singled out for recognition. None disputed that this person deserved such accolade. However, some were to quick to ask when/how they were to receive praise. It was believed that by singling out this individual, it would raise the bar real high, a height they feared they would not be able to reach. In the end, it was agreed that service recognition would be given to all within the group for individual accomplishments.


    Not sure whether this counts or not:

    My mom and I witnessed a four car accident that went across both lanes of traffic.  Not only did I end up an hour late to work because of this, but my mom and I witnessed the accident and so we pulled over to see where we could help.  Since my mom was a nurse she was able to provide some immediate medical attention until the EMS arrived. 

    I was able to help another officer put out some flares to re-direct traffic. 

    I guess the reason I consider this a Jedi action is because this was on a major road and many people probably witnessed it but chose not to stop.  I have to admit that it was a split section decision to stop and that my mom and I were both Jedi in that regard!^^


    Like you said, most people keep going.  Hell, knowing my work situation, I would have kept going too probably.  But I have stopped at a major accident once while driving back to Texas last fall, though there wasn’t much I could do and the cops came right after.  I’m still working on that though – stopping to help people. 

    Today, and yesterday, I was able to rise above work drama and not get sucked into the urge to lash out at people.  I’ve maintained it so far, even while in a meeting with HR where I signed a formal warning letter (which isn’t really a big deal, just calms the storm that was an overreaction to begin with).  I’m going to write about this in my training journal.  But basically, my focus is on treating people like I want to be treated and not adding negativity. 


    Today as a Jedi I simply let go of the fears and anxieties that have been eating at me.  I realized that worrying about the things I was worrying about wasn’t going to do any good.  Just to let everyone here know, I am in the process of moving……again.  I just moved in Febuary, into a friends house to help him out, and he now is letting it go.  So now I have to move again, but into my own place again.  Everything is working out nicely though, so I have had no real reason for worry.

    David Pierce

      Today as a Jedi, I reached out with my feelings to understand those who are not, and have no desire to be Jedi.  I sat quietly and felt the presents of someone as they went about there daily business.  I after long hours of observing one particular individual I have come to a conclusion.  The path the Force puts before us is evident by the skills we possess.  While I see someone who is oafish and often the bull in the china shop, I have not stopped before today to understand why people are the way they are.  If the Force requires you to be the bull in the shop to accomplish your destiny, then a bull you will be.  If the Force requires you to be a Jedi to fulfill your destiny, then a Jedi you will be.  One appendage of the force is no more or less important then another.

      The skills and mind set we have are necessary for the destiny the Force sets before us, be it great or small.


    Today as a Jedi I have stumbled on a terrible quandry…

    I believe I have uncovered “theft” from a related company – in the form of kick-backs for product delivered that was not what was shown on the purchase.

    Some that I believe are involved in the kick-back are close to me…

    But the product is coming-back faulty and as I point out the defects and try to rectify the problem the “rats” are coming out to try to keep the troubles hidden. They cannot continue to be hidden.

    How to handle the problem, a self-harm through deceit done by those close to me, and make a wrong to rights with best results and least harm?

    For now I wait for further proof.  For now I begin Yoga to keep in health and meditate for balance and clear thinking.

    I am learning the lesson of care of self means care of others…

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