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    Disclaimer:  Channeled information is just like any information, which is colored by the channeler’s beliefs and experience.  If you find this makes sense to you, great!  If it doesn’t, that’s ok.  I’m just providing this for those who are experiencing it.  I’ve been experiencing it for weeks and it is quite maddening at times. 


    ne-swetlishoff> Swetlishoff

    January 30, 2009

    The New Energies

    A Message from Babaji Nagaraj and Lady (Mother) Mary

    Beloved Ones,

    We come this day united in one Voice and say to you to be prepared to
    experience the compression of ‘Time’. Time as you know it is ‘speeding up’.
    What this means to you, Dear Ones, is that it feels as though you are
    pushing uphill when trying to go about your daily tasks. You will have to
    make adjustments for this, Dear Ones, by employing greater focus and
    concentration in all that you do.

    The New Energies coming in now are creating this feeling within you. Many of
    you feel as though you are disorganized and can hardly accomplish anything.
    This energy will be with us for a long time and must be adapted to as stated

    We wanted to bring this to your awareness so that you do not think there is
    something seriously wrong with you. It is the new Wave of Cosmic Energy that
    is producing this feeling within you. As with all ‘newness’ it will be
    adapted to and resolved in due process.

    Spend some time each day increasing your personal frequency levels as this
    will help you adapt more easily. The greater your frequency, the more in
    harmony with the New Energy.

    With our Greatest Love and Deepest Respect,

    Babaji Nagaraj and Lady (Mother) Mary

    Thank you to Isabelle E. Baillie, Geomancer/Dowser, Channeler and Soul Buddy
    for validating this message as 100% true and accurate.

    C2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

    Distributing this message in other forums, etc. is encouraged, please do so
    with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright and
    website: http://www.therainbowscribe.com/newmessages.htm



    Brandel Valico

    Interesting indeed, Is anyone actually feeling like time is speeding up here?

    Just Noticed you said you have been feeling this Jax. Can you describe it in more detail as to how it feels to you?
    ***End Edit***

    I ask simply because I very rarely if ever even notice time myself and am honestly curious if anyone has felt this? Or Slowing down or standing still for that matter as a growing occurrence.


    This sort of does make sense for me, though not quite how it was described.

    I have noticed lately that time seems to be going faster.  The weeks just seem to fly by (though I can’t say it feels like I’m “walking up hill”).  I mean, here it is Wednesday, April 1st, and it feels like LAST Wednesday was just a couple days ago (I mention Wednesday just because Ghost Hunters is on and I always look forward to that show).

    I actually thought that this speed-up of time was just my personal perspective, because lately I’ve had a lot of things to look forward to, and I find myself being more patient than usual, knowing that tomorrow, or next week, or even next month, is right around the corner.


    I’ve heard that time can come in packets.  Like ‘atoms’ of time or somethng.  Is this true?

    And if it is, doesn’tthat mean is subject to gravity? 


    Interesting question.  I’ll have to think about it, but realize that time itself is a human concept, definitely not constant.  So I’m not so sure about this packets thing.  If you’re looking for somewhere to look, I’d google spacetime and relativity.  That’s what I’d google if I wasn’t in a sim right now and unable to goole much.  :-)

    Kol Drake

    Since time is an artifice created by Man to mark ‘the passage of the day’, I would hazard to say that we are talking a non-sequitir.  Much as ‘gravity’ is a seeming function of a mass distorting the ‘fabric of space’, so too, time is considered a ‘side effect’ of a similar nature.

    Your spirit operates outside ‘normal, human/physical’ time and space.  When there is an emergency where danger is about to approach you faster than you can normally sense, your spirit will compell you to act quickly without pondering.  It directs you through your instinct and reflexes.  Think of a time when you moved out of harm’s way in an instant and the move was so spontaneous it seems that everything just flowed in the moment. Your awareness of what was happening and your response happened without hesistation, but so quickly that it was almost together at the same time.

    That is because your spirit can observe things and sense reality beyond your ordinary rate and range of awareness. Imagine that a rock is flying towards you from the side. In ordinary rate of awareness, there is simply not enough time to notice the rock coming and to move out of the way.  But in the realm of your spirit’s awareness, time is slowed down to a crawl and it can fully perceive everything that is happening no matter how quickly.  It sends the message to you and in that moment you experience the spontaneous and seemingly simultaneous knowing and action.  The awareness comes just before the action but it seems that time slows almost to a standstill during that moment of thought. Perception and action become as one.

    If you want to consciously perceive faster so that things don’t seem to happen so quickly, you have to slow time down in your consciousness.

    It is not time that slows down but you that speeds up.  See in your mind’s eye and memory things slowing down. Like a picture frame frozen from a movie in motion.  It is the way you experience time slowing down or stopping when you see a beautiful person of your dreams.  It gives you extra time to determine your actions in a pressure situation. This would would be incredibly useful in business, driving your car in traffic, playing games, military combat, sports and life threatening situations.

    A master baseball batter is apparently able to slow things down when he’s at the plate. To everyone else, the ball would be rocketing toward the plate at approximately 100 mph, almost faster than the eye can see. But to the focused athlete, the ball seems to slow down just for him, and present itself to him.

    This is what many of the best batters have this in common. Somehow, when they need to slow things down to make their big play, they are able to perceive everything happening in slow motion. The ball rolls slowly up to the plate and is easy to see, often appearing larger than life. It’s almost as if the ball is waiting for them to hit it. To everyone else, the ball is racing to the plate at a blistering speed, curving, skinking, and breaking in waysthat make it almost impossible to track, let alone hit.  To them, it is a slowly approaching ball the size of a basketball which they can hit away.

    This is truly time manipulation, since the perception of the person who seems to manage this trick is that time has been stretched longer or made shorter.  Since this can be the perception of a Jedi; it can become the way s/he acts upon the world, it becomes that person’s own functional reality. It’s really a consciousness shift and an expanded awareness.

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