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    Perhaps a general overview would be nice?  :-)

    We are going to work through Robert Bruce’s book, Mastering Astral Projection.  This course is a series of exercises and activities that take place over the course of 90 days (or so).  It starts slowly with meditation and breathing and moves on to more advanced meditation, energy building, and then working towards the ultimate goal, a conscious astral projection.  Everyone here has already projected, but many don’t realize it.  You may have done it in your sleep and simply forgotten.  Or maybe you have projected and just don’t remember because our minds can only have one set of memories for one time period.  In any case, astral projection is easy.  What’s hard is remembering what happened on the astral side of things.  That’s what this course is about – building your mind and body so you can remember what occurs.

    The course moves slowly so that people are not slamming into fears as they progress.  If you find something difficult, resist the urge to become negative or discouraged.  Take your time, focus on breathing until you relax.  Then try the activity again.  

    If you get behind, return to your training as quickly as possible.  I expect people to miss a day here and there.  Just catch up when you can.  If you want to join in later, feel free.

    After each exercise, post your thoughts in a thread here.  If something wierd happened, please share.  If it didn’t seem to work, share that too.  The point of doing this together is to share experiences and draw upon the collective wisdom of the group.  But please keep in mind, everyone’s experiences will be different.  That doesn’t make them better or worse.  Do not let someone else’s experience distract you from your own.  If you think something should happen and it doesn’t you may have missed your own experience and instead think you have failed!  

    And finally, if things are difficult, that’s ok.  I am running this group because I need it too.  I may be the slowest student here in fact, and that’s ok.  It’s not about who can do what faster or better, it’s about your personal growth and training.  If you stick with it, you will learn things, perhaps activating new skills within you.

    If you have any questions, please ask.  I look forward to working with everyone.  :-)

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