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    LOL…  This has been the strangest Presidential campaign season – and certainly is the most important of my life so far.

    In some ways I keep waiting to hear it’s some huge commercial.  It’s so odd – some of the people within in it like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.  It’s just…  over the top!

    Kol Drake

    and.. since this IS a JEDI forum  :P



    Scary.  But perfect.

    I can also see some parallels of the financial bail-outs to using the Clone Troopers.

    Speaking of “race”…

    IF Barrack Obama becomes president – I do believe it will change the undercurrents of what genetic race means in the U.S. .  If he is also a successful president in these incredibly challenging times it will change what race is – possibly even worldwide.

    Brandel Valico

    Just an issue I always have with the concept of Race. While I know most of the people here don’t consider color as being race. I always cringe a bit when I see it used as such. What race exactly is Obama? For me he’s a human plain and simple. I simply don’t think if he becomes president it will effect how the race is seen. It may effect how people of the human race who are dark while be looked at. But honestly I doubt that also.


    well, well, well. I still have trouble understanding the racial division in this country considering the constitution. The founding fathers certainly did not see this coming.

    Why, I ask, is the color of ones skin, a deciding factor in anything from welfare to the electrate of a president. I have lived here for close to 20 years now and although I am white I am still often judged on my heritage and country of origin. There is unjustice on both sides of the fence whether you are white or your skin color is different, your nationality is not American, when this country is a melting pot anyway.

    I listen to the issues, to what the canditates have to say.

    When I saw Palin the day she was introduced as McCain’s running mate the hair on my neck stood up instantly, a  sign I can usually trust very well. She had not spoken a word and no, it had nothing to do with her affiliation to the Repbulican Party.

    As was mentioned before, every canditate panders to certain interest groups, a certain part of the general population or other groups he or she finds important to collect more votes. When I watched CNN early in the morning before heading out to work everyone praised her “I am just another one of you” approach of Palin and that she used the “common man’s” language. What a crock of sh… that is. I rather see a candidate be true to him/herself than trying to pretend to be someone they are not and blind those who are too gullable to see.

    This campaign especially has turned into a circus in which everything else has gotten lost. I feel like watching some of those annoying reality shows they have everywhere on tv now. When do we wake up and realize what is done to us.

    Maybe I am too harsh here but I have seen this happening all over the world where people are sucked into voting for someone they would not otherwise elect but do because it has become “fashionable” or “politically correct”.

    I am not denying that there is truth in Wise’s article and it does point to a lot of issues we have been dealing with for many decades. Will we ever put aside the issue of race, color and who our ancestors were?

    Magdelene Nashira

    Palin scares me too.  Then again, so does McCain.  Then again so does any Republican right about now.  I’m kind of pondering if maybe what should happen to keep things in balance is that every four years when the President changes the party automatically has to change to.  I think that’s why things are so off balance.  They haven’t changed party for a while and I think our system needs the balance of the shifting back and forth.  But I could be wrong.

    I don’t think I’m wrong about being afraid of Palin and McCain, though.  I saw a commercial today that had a little snippet from Saturday Night Live in which this Palin impersonator was pretending to be answering the last debate and they had the interviewer ask about the “Maverick” thing.  The Palin immitator says something like “Oh well we are just a couple of Mavericks and I’m proud to be on the ticket with this Maverick and if we get voted into office we will take care of these issues like a Maverick would.”  Then the commentator looks at her funny and asks her to be more specific about what they plan to do.  the Palin immitator says “Well, we would just look at all these imortant issues one at a time and we’d ask ourselves ‘What would a Maverick do?’ and then we’d do that!”

    That was hillarious, but so true.  I think they really believe that people will vote them into office because God thinks they’re special.  It really dismays me that people who could end up running the Country are either using God as a political manipulation or really are naive enough to believe they can comprehend the plan of God.  I know there are a lot of people who think this war is gearing up toward the end of the world and the return of Jesus, but Jesus Himself said that we would not know the hour or the day.  The real God doesn’t need our help in issuing in the end of the world.  If indeed He ever planned to.  Today I was ruminating about the scriptures I heard in Church and it occurred to me that maybe God has never said anything about destroying our world.  Maybe rather what is true is that God well knows what we are and He knows we will destroy it ourselves.  Sorry, I really shouldn’t be going on like this.  I don’t think I’ll go on with the rest of what I was ruminating about because I ended up scaring the crap out of myself with it.

    Anyway, back on topic, I’ll feel a lot better if the Democrats get in, but what I had really wanted was for Hillary Clinton to be President.  After that whole fiasco I had little faith in the whole system because I think all that happened due to a “glass ceiling” she hit her head on.

    And hopefully not offending anyone.  Just expressing my feelings as I am just as anxious about the way things are going as everyone else.

    Kol Drake

    While I do not discount the ‘glass ceiling’ is there…

    There have been and are some VERY capable females who have gone above and beyond that same proverbial ceiling to the ‘top’.

    Personnally, I am glad Hillary R. Clinton did NOT get the Democratic ‘ticket’ — as her history in Arkansas as a lawyer and the antics while in the White House were less then stellat and imo, did not qualify her to be the ‘top lady in the land’.

    I suspect no candidate is ‘perfect’ — after all, they ARE all politicians vying for a primo job.  :P
    And, no candidate has been totally ‘perfect’ and ‘loved’ by all in their party (or the country) — though most point to John F. Kennedy ……. but they tend to forget the ‘before he was elected’ part…. where he was hammered for being ‘too young’ and ‘from that Family’ and…. being catholic!

    I try my best to vote — not on ‘charm’ or ‘looks’ or ‘sound bites’ or ‘… because it’s *our* party…’ but look at their performance in the past, their record of behavior and policy tendencies — and then ask myself if I want ‘… this kind of person in charge…’.    And, then I vote.

    I have always said, voting gives me the ‘right’ and ‘priviledge’ to be able to crow when something ‘good’ happens and bitch when they have done something really stupid.  :P   

    My older sister registered for the first time for this election.  38 years and not voted until now.  Only on a public forum; with a pseudonym can I openly say how stupid she has been.  (( okay, told her to her face.. but she’s bigger then me and thwapped me for telling her so… :P  ))


    Voting is compulsory in Australia, or at least turning up is once registered. If you don’t vote you get a fine, it’s not really that much though, less than $100 I think it is. Generally though voter turnout is good. It’s always surprised me that voting is not compulsory in the US, being the ‘home’ of democracy and all.

    Brandel Valico

    *LOL* Thats the last “right” they would ever take from us. The right not to have a say in our own futures. The right to not vote if you don’t want to. I honestly think they secretly wished more of us would abstain, then do now. The less people you need to control directly the easier it is to do so. One of the reasons I wish they would get rid of the Electoral Collage. While useful in the past it’s an atiquated system that isn’t really needed now.

    Kol Drake

    Electoral college is whacked, true enough.

    SO is ‘running for office’ for almost 2 years before the election and spending MILLIONS of the campaigns.  I’d prefer the UK system of … limits on the amount spent and only 3 months to ‘get your face out there’.  This almost continual ‘feed the media’ thing is getting VERY old.

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