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    Hi Folks,

    I’m busily engaged in the final assignment of my Diploma of Remedial massage. This assignment is basically about writing a business plan, which is OK, but I have one, teeny weeny little problem.

    I have no idea what to call my ‘business’. And I need to do business cards and a brocure for the assignment.

    Now, my principal modalities are shiatsu, acupressure, anma, related to the principles of chi, acupoints, similar stuff to acupuncture in how it works but with massage. These techniques don’t use oil, the client stays clothed and is usually on a shiatsu mat. They are energetic and physical techniques. I can also do relaxation and remedial massage.

    I’ve been trying to come up with something really catchy and not doing a good job. Thus far I  have a piece of paper with:

    ‘Living Force Health’
    ‘Knead your health’ (referring to one of the techniques here).

    I could really use some more ideas. If anyone can throw me a line here, I’d really appreciate it. My imagination seems to have dried up.


    Magdelene Nashira

    Oh!  Goody!  This is fun!  I like doing stuff like this!  Is kind of a hard one to find a title to, but here’s a few I thought of:

    Natural Liberations!
    Wholesome Release
    Vitality Station
    Tranquil Remedies

    Maybe something there might spawn an idea if those don’t work.  Congratulations on your work.  It’s hard to do a business plan.  I’m sure it will help you in your business because it helps you to think through all the details.  Good luck!


    Had the idea for ‘East Meets West Integrated Therapies’ last night, that’ll do for the assignment at least if no one else has more ideas.



    When I first read this, the first word that popped into my mind was:



    I’ll have to look up what ‘transcendence’ means, it might be a little to….transcending for just massage lol. I looked up business names and I can’t have East meets west, so I’ve gone for ‘Flat on Mat: Oriental and remedial massage and lifestyle products’.

    This is still just for the assignment, ‘real’ names are still coming so ideas are welcome.

    Kol Drake

    ? Healing Hands ?

    Therapies for soothing body and spirit ?

    Magdelene Nashira

    I like the word trancendance for it because in my mind transcendance means to go beyond the normal so in these healings they transcend the normal boundaries that we put on healing.  So to me it makes sense.


    OMG, i havent noticed that many people that are involved, or at least learning, massage. i went to school for it not to long ago, hard to find a job in my area and probably would have picked a better carreer now, but i found it very helpful. My business was a sort of New Age Store/Massage place. I went to Bryman here in So Cal. Anyway, i took my business name from ancient Celtic pantheons. It used Brighid, she is the triple goddess of hearth, kiln (sp?), and art. Just look to your past and your ansestors. That always works for me. I think my other idea was Dragons Brooke, or something but that is another story, lol.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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