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    Kol Drake

    Found a unique solution to a problem of epic proportions.

    KNOW no one can resist popping ‘bubble wrap’  BUT… the potential ‘green’ impact of millions of miles of ‘busted bubbles’ in our landfills is a major problem.

    SO….  one enterprising individual has come up with the ultimate solution.
    Give it a try… and don’t forget manic mode!!!




    That’s the coolest thing ever!  Woohoo!!!!!

    Must have more!


    I dunno, still doesn’t really do it for me. It’s the feel thats the fun thing, the satisfying compression and bursting of the little greenhouse gas filled chambers, the ability to roll it into a tube and go ‘manic mode’ on it, and of course the money savings when you just give your kids the bubble wrap with no toy, ‘cos you know the bubble wraps got a longer play threshold.

    ….of course you know I’m kidding. Right? I am, aren’t I?  ;D

    Kol Drake

    oooooookay.. Inari sorta scared me on that one. :rofl:

    For some REAL Green Thinking…

    Look at  http://www.terracycle.net

    Kid dropped out of college after his buddies plants (( special plants they were trying to grow in their basement .. wink wink … ))  perked up and grew well after applying worm poop.   

    Yes, centuries old secret — using worms to process organics and paper to make it into useable soil additive.
    Turning garbage into GREEN into something useful.   To add to the idea, they re-use old plastic soda bottles as the ‘container’… so further recycling, re-use, and minimum additional processing.

    Now has taken ‘worm poop’ into a multi million dollar company making a wide range or items (( check out their re-cycled bird feeders )) — and continues to expand on the re-use, recycle, go Green idea.   

    FINALLY, somebody is REALLY getting it !


    Ah yes…the compost pile!

    I grew up in a small town in Minnesota which were rather – artistic – and I would say not “hippie” but Green Beatnick. 

    We all took great pride in our compost piles – and those who could not have one were sought-after in spring for gardening.

    Ah…the day I can move back to the country! Living Green is an art – not just lifestyle – no?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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