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    Stryse pointed me to this website in the Zombie thread, and I started looking around, here is an interesting link I found:
    6 Things That Are Secretly Turning You Into A Bad Person

    I thought #2 was interesting

    One of the reasons it’s difficult to lie to someone’s face is that it’s not just the words you’re saying that have to sound convincing. You have to think about eye contact, body movements — everything has to come together to tell a believable lie. Because of this, psychologists have always known that people are more likely to lie in a letter than face-to-face.

    But a recent study found that while you might fib with pen and paper you are almost guaranteed to lie over email. Participants in the study were instructed to split $89 with a second party. They were told the other participant would not know the amount being split, and had to accept any amount offered. An incredible 92 percent of people using email lied about the amount of money they were splitting. Only 64 percent of those writing it down did (although, 64 percent? We’re just bad at being a species, aren’t we?). On average, the email users gave their partners $27 less than a fair split.

    Not only that, the email users actually felt justified in lying. It seems that the act of merely staring at a computer screen is like injecting your soul with Botox, removing all emotional investment and guilt about what you type. It might be worth keeping that in mind the next time your boss emails you to tell you how well he thought your presentation went.


    Interesting.  While it’s easier, whether or not a person lies is up to the person.  We all still have our personal sense of honor and ethics.  We know it’s wrong to lie in many situations, even if we can justify it.  By choosing to do so anyway we dishonor ourselves and the person we lied to.  If you find yourself using email to lie about things, challenge yourself to be honest.  You can be honest in a creative way that will minimize problems, but lying still tends to come to light eventually. ;-)  Don’t take the botox! lol 


    The other one I found interesting was #4: Going Green
      I have to agree with it, I have seen alot of people that justify what they do, because of how they help. Easy example is Al Gore, Flying around to Environmental Conferences in his Jumbo jet, using up “Carbon Credits” that his company buys from other companies. But I’ve also seen it in religion, I donate $20 at church on Sunday, so it’s ok, if I don’t act like a christian for the rest of the week. Have even seen it at work, I put in so much time working, it’s ok if I take this home and keep it. As much as these studies point out, it still comes down to one thing, our own moral compass, and how firm we are in our beliefs. But then again according to #1, a strong enough magnet  will erase that moral compass, at least temporarily.


    Interesting post and thanks for shearing.
    It is funny how things sometimes come together. It is just a couple of weeks ago that I was talking about something similar to this with a friend of mine. The topic there in was “the change for the worse” of correct spelling and grammar use in forums, specially here in German forums. A lot of people don’t care about how and also what the are writing and this makes posts often nearly unreadable.
    My summary of it was, that it is a kind of expression or presentation of your person and personal attitude which you left behind when posting somewhere. She meant that this has nothing to do with it, because she would just write everything in small letters because it is faster. This might be true for SMS (Short Message Service on your cellphone) but if you know how to write “blind touch”, it makes no difference.
    As Master Jax wrote, for me it would be a topic or better said an issue of personal ethics or attitude. If someone is lying and you find it out, you will know what have to take for his word the next time.

    And Master Jax, I do like your expression “you can be honest in a creative way that will minimize problems” as this is a thing which, here I do tell it from my point of view, also can happen to a someone who would normally speak the truth. Because sometimes you don’t want to tell the whole story and so to minimize problems you will use something which is as near by the truth as it could be, which other already could see as a lie.


    Well, we all know there are times when the truth is not a good idea.  To say that lying is always wrong is an oversimplification.  However, we all have a conscience and our intuition to guide us so we know when a lie is inappropriate for our situation, or when we need to temper the truth.  This is why I try to teach people to connect to their intuition in the Personal classes so they can navigate these grey areas.  If a person comes away from their Jedi training with only this ability I’d still consider it a success because that intuition will guide them on their path, wherever it leads. :-)

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