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    These meditations keep me strong and helps get rid of negatives

    1) In order to live in today’s world, I must be strong and develop tenacity with regard to my consciousness and my intellect.

    2) The calmer and more tenacious I become, the more I overcome difficulties.

    3) The creational-natural power is within myself, and I use this, actualisingly in my thinking and acting.

    4) In my consciousness-attitude I change myself to the positive and utilise my creational-natural power in me for this.

    5) I am strong within myself and change my mental self-image to the positive.

    6) Everything is achievable for me, and I master whatever I wish to accomplish.

    7) I always elevate my view, recognise all possibilities and am a positive thinker.

    8 ) I master all difficulties with courage and a victor’s readiness.

    9) I will always be as good and positive as my thoughts, feelings and deeds also are.

    10) Within me exists neither anxiety nor fear.

    11) My thoughts and feelings strengthen the trust in myself.

    12) I always remain with my knowledge that my thoughts and feelings are positive and create what is positive.

    13) I always find my own power and can rely on it.

    14) I myself always decide and act on my own responsibility and lead and determine my life myself.

    15) It is a joy to me to know and to value myself.

    16) As a result that I cultivate myself, I can rely on myself.

    17) My nature is good, and I am a truer human being.

    18) There is no unsatisfaction in me because everything moves itself actively and in contentment.

    19) My self is developed, and I live good with this together in concord.

    20) As a result that I respect the Creation, I also respect and value myself.

    21) In every case, I steer my life myself, and I also like my own results that I create.

    22) In the consciousness, the psyche as well as in my thoughts and feelings, I am great and friendly and averse to every submissiveness.

    23) My sense is to live according to the creational laws.

    24) I view life and the world optimistically and make the best out of everything.

    25) I always do my best and will thus succeed in all that is good.

    26) I always look after myself and trust in myself.

    27) The constant flow of the creational laws and recommendations is within me as prosperity, which I bring to fruition.

    28) Good living, riches and prosperity are within me in the love, in the happiness, in harmony, peace and freedom.

    29) Within me is everything rich in thoughts and feelings, in order to learn what is rich, to help what is rich and to bring forth what is rich.

    30) Rich positive-equalised thoughts, feelings and words form my consciousness-based bearing, which brings my inner wealth and prosperousness into expression.

    31) Daily, from out of my consciousness, I nourish my thoughts and feelings with dynamic richness.

    32) I feel joy’s attestation in me and fill it in with cheerfulness, diligence and untiringness.

    33) My life is assiduousness, love, modesty and warmed in well-being.

    34) I feel within myself a great aliveness and a continuously new awakening and becoming born.

    35) Daily, I remind myself of my good understanding and all my capabilities, which I utilise in positive form.

    36) Daily, I make the best possible out of my capabilities and out of my life.

    37) Daily, within me are born good, positive thoughts and feelings, which I bring to fruition.

    38) Daily, I open my eyes and all senses for the beauty and the magic of the creational nature.

    39) Daily, I am clear and lively in my thoughts and feelings as well as in my psyche and in my consciousness.

    40) Daily, I am full of elan, full of jubilation and deeply moved, full of loftiness and indefatigability and act accordingly.

    41) My healing thoughts and feelings are the medicine of my psyche and my consciousness.

    42) The creational peace is embedded in my consciousness, soothing, calming and healing me.

    43) I live with my thoughts and feelings within the consciousness, that I fulfil,to best ability and capability, the creational laws and recommendations.

    44) In my consciousness I live with the knowledge and the truth within my consciousness that the creational spirit as well as its energy and power within me is present within all things.

    45) The control over myself lets me be free from anxiety, lovelessness, discord and from all evil things.

    46) Within me is a great, massive and creative willpower through which I am able to accomplish all my works.

    47) Through my positive thoughts and feelings, I am free and content in all my activities.

    48) Daily, I join with the beneficial powers of the Creation, through which I develop positive powers within my consciousness for my unfolding.

    49) Within me reigns the unlimitedness of my life, which continues beyond the death in unending further lives.

    50) Even problems have their values within me because, through these, I change the problems around into solutions and success.

    51) My rationality and my intellect are thereupon aligned that I find creative solutions for everything.

    52) In every situation, I am objective, full of hope and optimistic.

    53) I always find all possibilities and solutions, whereby problems are immediately solved.

    54) In each problem, I recognise immediately its weak points and overcome it with bravery.

    55) I am always full of hope and thus overcome even the most difficult things.

    56) The more problems I overcome, the more knowing, wiser and livelier I become.

    57) My problems and their solution-finding strengthen my consciousness and let me, in modesty, realise the wisdom of the Creation.

    58) The thoughts and feelings that emerge out of problems for the solution show me the importance of the creativity and the progress.

    59) With rationality and intellect I will cope with every problem on my own.

    60) I release myself from every tension while I control my thoughts and feelings and let them become creative factors and values.

    61) Daily, I enjoy the moments of silence and listen intensively to the intuitions that spur me continuously to new thoughts, feelings and actions.

    62) In all things that I do, I always take the creational laws and recommendations as my partners.

    63) In all things that I do, I usefully apply my analytical thoughts and thereby always find the right way and the right mode of conduct.

    64) When thoughts and feelings are created, then I form them in knowledge and wisdom, from which I continuously profit.

    65) My worked out knowledge gives me directions on how I must do and not do something.

    66) I always keep my spiritual and consciousness-based connecting lines free, whereby the creational laws and recommendations can work within me and through me.

    67) Within me everything is honest, successful and happy, whereby I also act with a sense for social responsibility.

    68) I am conscious of what it means being human in the real and true sense, and I act within the sense of what it means being human in the real and true sense.

    69) I lead my successful life within the framework of the creational laws and recommendations.

    70) Hard work suits me and promotes my created capabilities, as also my perseverance, the joy in the activity and the will of goal-achievement.

    71) For all things, I consciously use my ideas, thoughts and feelings, gain cognitions, knowledge and wisdom from that and progress in the life.

    72) In all things that I do, I carry myself in perseverance and assiduousness and always value what I do.

    73) I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.

    74) I always see to it that I have quiet moments because they bring me repose, peace and harmony.

    75) Within me I visualise the creational laws and recommendations and feel myself protectively embedded in them.

    76) In all things, I rise within myself onto a podium and look down at myself from the higher vantage point, whereby I recognise my weaknesses, which I try to resolve.

    77) I always walk on all paths which demand to me the creational laws, hence, my prosperity and adversity are always bearable.

    The aforementioned 77 sentence factors represent a small selection of those meditative values through which a basis for the positive consciousness-attitude can be worked out.

    The form of meditation for this is extremely simple and combined without effort because for the implementation, only about five quiet minutes are necessary a few times daily, during which one of the mentioned meditation sentences is thought silently to oneself or muttered to oneself.

    Thereby, heedfulness is directed on the corresponding word order in order to imprint them and to let them become effective.

    If the sentences are meditatively practiced long enough, then an effect cannot fail to appear, which thereto shows oneself that the consciousness-attitude slowly but surely improves and becomes ever more positive-equalised.

    And exactly this is indeed also the purpose of the exercise.

    Besides the 77 aforementioned sentences, there are still countless others, whereby naturally it is also optional to each human being to form their own word orders and sentences according to their own choosing and to use these.

    Important thereby, is only that the described meditation exercise is persistently adhered to, because only through this can a true success occur, in order to achieve a basis for a positive consciousness-attitude.

    Copied from
    77 Meditations from “Meditation with a Clear View High and Highest Meditation” by Billy



    My thoughts ATM
    As we burn brighter (so to speak) we attract light n dark forces. Neutral positive thoughts and Love/thoughts are IMPORTANT protection from dark forces.

    Always keep your cool no matter what, our powers are strong when we are cool headed

    We can also quite easily imagine things that seem real


    Install a magnetometer app that makes a sound if its reading a change, if it does i do the white light meditation if feeling bad vibes or thoughts

    ((The white light meditation is great protection)) google it as i dont see much about white light meditation mentioned in the English translations, i always do it before sleep (is briefly mentioned in one of the meditation pages before sleep) re: On going to bed the meditative concentration is directed at visualising a light-appearance, which can be created in all personally-desired colours.

    The pyramid (kings chamber) has always been a powerful place, i put my light (consciousness) there and plug into its energy, works wonders for me

    DONT DO EUPHORIC Meditation (to fix things)

    Euphoric meditation is willfully generating thoughts of bliss, joy and well being, these thoughts have a direct influence in the psyche by generating similar feelings.
    Because the consciousness is focused on these feelings a delusion occurs because these feelings are purely generated from the consciousness and don’t have any realistic foundation. These delusions can have such a severe impact that the person who practices this meditation form will become unable to separate reality from fiction.
    When this occurs it will have damaging effects on the psyche and can cause a mania and schizophrenia that will be hard, if impossible to heal.




    You can easily weed out the negatives.

    In order to break through this vicious cycle of mean acts, of self-created pain and suffering, the consciousness must be changed and control over it must be won

    If feeling tired white light meditation for 10 mins works wonders or a micro sleep 10 mins if u didnt get much sleep,The 77 meditations print a few copies and leave one next to your bed,toilet and tv lounge or anywhere you are left waiting around e.g. take on the train or bus etc…

    If no work then Create Work, study more, clean up more, assist others more, exercise twice per day, Create Work!

    We need to ground ourself, walk barefoot on the grass or have a shower or swim,gardening etc…

    Vitamin c, vitamin D, zinc and spirulina everyday

    Moringa oleifera (HERBAL) powder tea tastes ok especially when negative forces are about

    Good thoughts/Love are the best protection

    Be with people if you need too or seek professional help (goto hospital is free in Australia and works fast),dont be remote from the community

    The candle meditation reveals things we need to know, its important, i imagine a light on the flame

    Burn incense, it works wonders

    77 meditations is on this page, very important

    As has been said since time immemorial: “Sleep is a changeable factor of consciousness, and thoughts, feelings and actions form accordingly”

    Also physical cleanliness is of significance concerning sleep



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