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    I am opening a thread for this book and movie.  It was a great read(yes it took me one day to read it…I just couldn’t put it down) and the movie was excellent.  I would recommend every Jedi to invest sometime in to this book/movie.

    So this thread is again, open for discussion about the above topics ;)



    Something that always bothers me about fictionalized true stories – I get hung up on what is real and what is fiction.  And of course, the authors rarely clarify it.  I think they have a blast watching us be confused!  lol  However, I have to remind myself what is important.  For me, it’s to learn to let go of my logical mind, and learn the lesson; whether it’s real or not doesn’t matter.  And even as I say that my mind fights it, because it’s difficult to accept, especially when telling other people.  Personally, I also like to know if something that seems out there is fiction or real because it helps my logical mind recalibrate to what is possible, and what isn’t.  I can tell my mind that nothing is impossible all day, but when it actually sees an example of the impossible happening, that is far more valuable. 

    So I’m curious if anyone else had similar difficulties with wondering what is true, and what isn’t?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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