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    This is a great book by Dr. Scott Shaw, Shihan in Hapkido.  In this book he gets into the spiritual side of the martial arts.  He gives several examples of how to be a martial artist but not be violent or hostile towards others.  He shows how being a warrior doesn’t mean fighting a physical war, and that the warrior mind is one of peace and serinity.  It’s been a while since I have read the book because I borrowed it from the public library and it has since disappeared from their catalog.  It is also just a hard book to get your hands on.  If you do, and I strongly suggest you look, hold onto it because it will be one of the most valuable books in your library.  One of the things that I remember is he touched alot on meditation, showing varrious forms of it and what you could use it for.  At the end of the book he shows some Hopkido techniques and principles that help in reality based self-defence.  Over all this book really impressed me, and I read it about 15 years ago, yet I still have to get it for my library.  It really opened my eyes to a world I had never seen.  Granted, Iwasn’t a Jedi when I read this book, but the lasting effects it had on me helped shape the Jedi I am.  If it wasn’t for this book I wouldn’t know much about breating excersises, or other meditative postures, or even maintaining a calm clear mind in overly hostle situations.  I got to see a spiritual side of martial arts that my teachers had never shown me.  My last instructor was so bent on the physical aspect of things that he neglected the spiritual side, even when training his own son.  It was because of this book that I was able to know of things being left out and practice them on my own time, and show them in class.  Because of this book I went toe to toe with a 3rd degree Black Belt, while I was a yellow belt, and have no fear of him.  I took everything he gave me, got knocked down and got right back up ready to keep fighting, without anger or resentment.  If I didn’t read this book I would have probably focused only on compeating and winning, but I knew there was something more.  This is not the only book by Dr. Scott Shaw, nor is it his best as far as I know, but it is one that belongs on the shelves of every Martial Artist, Meditation enthusiest and Jedi because of the instruction it gives.  If you somehow find this book in a book store, library, yard sale or where ever you see it, get it!  Don’t think about it, contemplate if it is worth what you are paying for it, it is, so just get it so that you know you have one of the best warrior studies books writen in our time.

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