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    I’m writing this as I’m going through quite the period of adversity.  As I lay in bed and think about what I want to focus on in my sleep, I caught myself thinking, “Why does it take so much adversity before we make the necessary changes in our lives?”  But the answer comes to me almost immediately.  It’s necessary because we make it so.  I could to the right thing and eat properly, take my vitamins, and all of that.  But, when I feel good, do I?  Sometimes.  Sometimes it takes some aching muscles to remind me.  When that doesn’t work, I end up getting a cold or worse, so that I’m forced to take better care of myself.  In the end it would be much easier to just do the right thing the whole time!

    My wife has far worse consequences to not doing the right thing.  When she doesn’t take her medication she has seizures.  These seizures cause secondary injuries when she falls, and gives her muscles aches and pains from the seizure in general.  In some cases she suffers from amnesia after, losing many years of her life until we work her back up to the present time.  Now, there are many other issues that contribute to her trouble remembering to take her medication, but the example is still valid. 

    How many of us overspend our money and end up behind in our bills?  We know how much money we have, and how much it costs to pay for things.  Yet, many of us still end up choosing to see a movie or buy a book, overextending ourselves financially.  Then we get that reminder as our bank account quickly approaches zero that we need to be more responsible with our money. 

    As we go through life, ignoring the little lessons, they will grow until we finally pay attention.  Why?  Because life is about growth.  Our inner self, which is connected to the Force, sees life from a larger perspective.  It knows that if we grow stagnant, which tends to happen when life goes well, then we aren’t growing.  So, it brings situations to us so we can learn and grow. 

    Now, we can avoid much of this adversity by learning lessons early.  If we’re not stubborn, fighting through small issues instead of taking the time to see what can be learned, they won’t escelate into bigger issues.  Also, when life is going well, take the time to look couragiously and deeply inside.  What are your weaknesses?  What issues are triggered from time to time?  Try to be proactive and address these issues before they are an active problem.  In this way, many of these issues can be resolved before reaching the point of adversity. 

    You see, all of our adversity is created by us, for us.  If you want to avoid it, try to address your weaknesses before they are triggered.  Also, remove the believe that adversity is required for growth.  That belief will only bring more adversity to you.  Instead, realize that you can grow, with or without adversity.  But, when it does come, accept it as an opportunity for growth.  Accept it, be thankful for it.  Then the process of overcoming adversity won’t be nearly as painful.

    And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who you feel will have a different perspective on the situation.  After all, sometimes the lesson is a simple as learning to ask for help.  ;-)

    Good luck and take care!

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