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    Would this work socially? Ultimately yes, but not with our current culture. People perceive too much at stake; too high, too hard of a fall. It is difficult overcoming ones own upbringing and culture but it’s a worth while endeavor I think. Communication > Ostracization; in the economy of ideas a person only learns the value of their ideas and behaviors through discourse. Society is slowly moving beyond hating people, hopefully we’ll move beyond hating human behavior as well. It starts with family, I think.

    We don’t spank and only use timeouts when things get out of hand. We haven’t had to put Lore in timeout since she was four or five I think; she’s eight now. She’s timid to the point that we jokingly yell at each other and mock-spank when goofing off so she gets used to keeping her train of thought when those things happen. I’m hoping she associates the emotion behind those kinds of actions with humor too, such action should be associated with lunacy and called out as such.

    Atti (3yo) is teaching us (me mostly) to check our frustration; he’s more emotional and stubborn than his sister. Time will tell how his behavior develops.

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