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    The material realm is a hologram created for our spirit to evolve so our spirit can exist in the spiritual realms later, it takes millions of lives to evolve to a point where we dont need a body anymore (The Brotherhood Of Light), evolution never ends, after billions or even trillions of years we evolve to a point where we can be a universe, i know how far fetched i sound

    Here is the evidence for holographic universes, not hard to believe, also multi dimensional not hard to believe
    Current science on the holographic universe
    Download with catchvideo.net

    BUT i will show evidence/theory that we are also baby universes with all its realms (later)

    Humans can access powers we dream of, we are Truly Lucky to be human, every human is an AWESOME Being, the only difference is the path we take to become a Universe. I try not to look down on anyone and its not difficult since i found that out, we are all the same just on a different path and spiritual age


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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