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    Kol Drake

    So far, I have heard nothing but good things about this series.

    And then, someone sent me this…


    It is absolutely brilliant. I’ve always been a fan of fictional Mandalorian lore and history so announcing this series made me very glad.

    They totally nailed the vibe of the underworld and I especially like that chronologically this takes place years after the fall of the Empire. Maybe we get some joining point later with the Sequel Trilogy. Our protagonist is a real warrior but he has a big heart and I love it very much.


    He kinda became a father figure to the mini Yoda. It’s said that the mystery about his race will be revealed finally, and I can’t wait for it!


    Kol Drake

    As soon as I saw ‘Baby Yoda’ floating next to the Mandalorian going off into the sunset, it reminded me of an indie comic book series from the early 1970s — Lone Wolf and Cub. It was a manga created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima. It was so popular, it became a series of movies and more.

    So far, I am impressed with how well this new show has done.
    Perhaps we should get Jon Favreau to work on all my life long favorite books, comics, heroes? :D


    I love the show. The Western-Kung Fu vibe is perfect. I hope that continues for a long time.

    I do wish we got a whole season without the Yoda-ling. Season 1 could have focused on “Mando” and the bounty hunter life. Episode 3 – The Sin would have had so much more weight, if we really understood what Mando was sacrificing to save “the kid”. Even just two more episodes of him collecting bounties and interacting with the other bounty hunters, his boss, and the other Mandalorians would have made it a bit more impactful. I know the writers and directors have a plan with the kid and Mando and probably subsequent seasons, so I can’t really argue with it (yet), but I just hope the story isn’t played out after Season 1, because they jumped right into this “guardian on the run” story line, where the resolution of the Yoda-ling could carry a ton of weight about the state of the Star Wars universe between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, as well as revealing a ton about Yoda’s species. We will see.


    I’ve only had time to watch 3 episodes, but I only started watching because of Baby Yoda. It’s such a different type of show, I’m definitely a fan. My slowness is due to my time constraints, not the show. I find the pace of the show utterly fascinating!


    Me too I do like the new show. For me it is much more in line with and does have the feeling or causes the feeling of Star Wars on my side than the new movies did (I just have seen the latest one “Rise of Skywalker”).
    As it had been said, me too, I hope they keep up the good work they are doing with this one!


    My nesting partner and I binge-watched the series right at the beginning of the year. I totally agree about having a few more episodes focusing on Mando before introducing the cuteness. It really would have given the whole thing a better foundation.
    What gets me is the level of acting required to so clearly portray a character while always wearing a mask. He doesn’t have the big bad force-wielding villain help that Vader does to create the character, and he’s not a mostly-side character like the other Mandalorians through the films have been, yet his personality is so well-developed.
    I’m definitely looking forward to season 2.

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