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    Name – runnergirl.89 (Bekah)
    AIM – xcgirl1989
    Email – runnergirl.tarvin@gmail.com
    Book – not yet

    I’m 18 a junior at Harker Heights High School and an active runner. I love to keep active and have tried yoga, hapkido, indoor rock climbing, JROTC PT & Pathfinder teams, cross-country, track and swimming. Someday soon I want to learn how to ride a horse and maybe try jumping. Running though is what I love the most. When I’m upset or just want to get away for 30-40 minutes going out and running, trails if I’m lucky, is a great way to clear my mind and help me focus again. I’ve been on the Jedi path for about three years and this last semester I decided to come back and take a few classes.


    Yay! But… er… do we all need to make our own threads, or can I post my own version of Bekah’s world (e.g., Red’s World) here as a reply?


    Red, you’ll be posting in your own journal, so you need your own thread.  Though, I’m sure you can reply to other’s comments too.


    Yes, I ask that everyone keeps a seperate journal, but you are more than welcome to comment in other’s journals…in fact i encourage it, it keeps discussions going.  I will say it here, if you do NOT want others commenting in your journal, please make a note so others may know.



    Horseback riding is fun and enjoyable, imho, and you should try it.
    it’s good excersize for you and for the animal.

    It also comes with learning about how to get the horse ready so you can ride him or her:
    grooming and getting the saddle and other equipment on the animal, then you put your helmet
    (I forget exactly what it’s called) on, mount the horse, take the reigns and begin the riding lesson(s).
    when the lesson(s) are done, then you take the saddle
    and other equipmen on the horse off the horse and put it away and your helmet away,
    remember to give the animal a treat sometimes too like a sugar cube or an apple.


    My path has changed for the time being and I need to take a LOA. Not sure how long I’m going to be gone but things have come up that I can not avoid. My dog has been sick for the past week or so and we took her to the vet and they had to take a blood sample and send it to a major hospital in the area to try and figure out what’s wrong. I’ve now started to come down with a cold/caugh as well. So that’s not to good and is taking a lot of time. Summer school ends tomorrow but that also means I’m going to be starting to get more chores around the house. My dad will be back from Iraq next Sat. for R&R and then we fly out for OH after my parents get back from a conference. Plus I’ve kind of been put in charge of the girls Bible study group my church started for the youth along with helping organize the new youth group we started last week. On top of it all I’ve got odd jobs pet sitting for people over the next week or so as well. So yes, I’m busy and I have lots of work and family problems to deal with right now so online time is kind of short. If for some reason one you needs to get ahold of me just send me an email or if you see me on AIM that could work to. Have a good summer!


    Best of luck and thanks for the notice

    your in my prayers


    You have all my best wishes as well and tell your dad thank you for his service.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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