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    My time in the hospital has afforded me a lot of time to think.  I’ve lately been wrestling with the argument between conscious control and flowing with what is.  I’ve come to the decision to follow the Taoist ways and accept things as  they are.

    This train of thought led me to thinking of the man who taught me that lesson so many years ago, during the days of the Jedi Organization.  Back then, I had read his book, the Tao of Star Wars, possibly the first published work on Jedi realism, and managed to get in touch  with him and invited him into the Jedi community as I knew it at that time.

    Jump ahead to today, and I found myself wondering how he was.  John M Porter, author of Tao of Star Wars, died June 2005.

    I have to wonder if anyone else knew this.  I knew he vanished from the Jedi community around that time and thought little of it.  I have to admit to feeling saddened by his passing, as he was an excellent teacher and a humble man.  I have to recommend doing  him the honor of picking up his book.  It’s very informative and down to earth.

    May the Force be with you John.

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