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    It’s funny, I think Carrie told me this before, but it had new meaning yesterday. She mentioned that my grandfather had ‘the gift’. She knew it from the moment she met him. My mom told her that he used to tell people who had been at their house while they were gone on vacation for instance. Grandma would say he couldn’t know that, but he was always right. Carrie says my mom has the gift too, but doesn’t realize it.
    Honestly, I didn’t really know my grandpa well. I spent time over there, but was too shy to really talk to him. Besides, my grandma talks a lot, so it takes effort to get a word in anyway. I wish he had lived a little longer so I could ask him about this stuff, but it’s ok.

    What’s interesting is how this information changes my perspective some. To know that some abilities run in my family, it makes me feel like I have natural abilities too, even if it’s hard to find them most days. I don’t think it should matter, honestly, because I think everyone has the ability to awaken their intuition and greater awareness, but it does. My logical mind is still so strong, that anything I can do to convince it to relax and go along with things, the better. So, logically, if other people in my family have gifts, I should too. Of course, I know I do, or at least I’ve been told as much. But every little bit helps.

    So that’s my little insight for the day.  Hopefully it will be encouraging to some of you.  Realize that just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean the Force doesn’t run in your family.  And whether or not it does, it really only matters if you allow it too.  :-)

    Jedi Nitro

    I believe through the Force, anything is possible regardless of who you are. However, I do find it amusing when I find people doing things they can’t explain, or have experiences which I can see are linked to a power they haven’t come to understand.


    By virtue of our existence we are ALL connected to the Force. However, there are certain realizations that I think need to be made.

    A) First one must recognize they are connected to the Force
    B) How does the Force flow within you?
    C) Will you choose to act on it?
    D) How will you use it?

    When people have “the gift,” I think they are referring to specific forms the Force takes shape, specifically in areas of empathy, insight, healing, foresight, cognition, etc. However, I think the Force also extends to matters beyond the above mentioned. The ability to understand different languages (computer code counts), write poetry, cook a delicious meal, run a marathon are all underrated modes in which the Force flows. The key with all of these activities and gifts is that you are actually “in the flow.”

    When this “gift” runs through families, I have found that members in that family are “predisposed” to certain forms. For example, in my family we come from a long line of “psychics”. However, even within a family while we are all predisposed to sensing energy, each of us does it differently. Some can feel tingling in their hands. Some can see the energy in others. Some just know that energy movement is taking place. Some can channel the energy into plants and make their garden vivid with life.

    The Force is so great, that it would be a disservice to only recognize certain forms.

    Hybrid Dawn

    Whether it’s intentional or not, my grand mother always seems to know what’s going on. Any time someone in my house is upset or something happens, she calls almost instantaneously.

    Though I’m sure she just conciders a deep bond through family love, I believe it’s a deep bond created through the force based on her attachment to us. Theoretically, she could feel these things from anyone she know’s if she gave them as much concideration as she gave us.


    It definitely does help to reassure one finds out that their family is a little more “in touch” with the Force naturally. I remember what an eye-opener it was for me when I found that similar things happened not only to myself, but my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother (not sure about anyone before her). It’s just comforting in a way. : )

    Now so long as I don’t end up as crazy as they are I’m cool. : P


    It is interesting… I always thought I was the first (that I knew) in my family to explore and learn about the force, and the first to be so strongly empathic. However, when I think about all the things my mom told me about her experiences when she was young, she mentions how she literally just cut parts of herself off, refused to feel certain emotions because she couldn’t handle it anymore and sent her into depression. It sounds like she was empathic like me and literally just strangled her gift because she didn’t know how to protect herself… I wonder if that’s what would have happened to me if I hadn’t discovered these forums… A little scary to think on…

    I can’t think of anyone else in my family who would be like that, other than my brother, who also, especially of late is beginning to do the same thing I did at his age: try to shoulder other peoples burdens and worry too much because when others are upset he becomes upset, and not just in an intellectual way… I’ll have to watch him I guess.

    Much love,


    I think it’s very important that we all learn to be brave enough to speak to others who may be struggling with what they are getting through the force.  It can be difficult to bring up with people, especially without a common language like we have here, but once the subject is breached it is usually hard to turn off!  For example, when my wife and I helped our friend who was recovering from a very difficult illness and surgery we realized how gifted she was.  I never knew!  Thankfully my wife is quite astute, and we had great conversations about things.  We’re all still finding our feet with each other, especially since she doesn’t have the common terminology as us, but we’ll figure it out. 

    So don’t be afraid, especially with your siblings.  If you don’t help them, who will?


    *nods in agreement* It’s not that I’m afraid, just feeling shockingly lucky. And especially with my brother. At least he has a sister that has some idea what this is all about.

    Much love,


    Very true.  :-)


    I am always left in wonder when I read how people “discovered” their gifts and never knew of family connections. I always find myself wondering how people covered it up, or hid it, or blocked it off for such long amounts of time, such as what Kai-An was talking about. It makes me feel sorry for them because it seems like it would be so very painful.

    In my own experience with my family, it was always openly discussed and there was never anything hidden when it came to those “witchy” things, as my grandfather likes to refer to them as. The family tales go back at least to the late 1800s of one family member that was considered a witch by the community. She was a lay healer and was relied upon by the people of their poor farming community. She was also a medium, and a “water witch.” So, she had her uses, I guess. :D

    With myself, my mother and grandmother always talked of spirits and we were always encouraged to communicate with them. My mother never understood what I was talking about when I spoke of auras and things like that, but she never tried to shut me off from it. Past lives, empathy, and all sorts of things were allowed in our family because “That’s the way that it is.”

    Interestingly enough, though, my father was very anti-energy healing. He actually told me that I should be burned at the stake for practicing Reiki because he couldn’t see how the power of God was being used, and thought Reiki something from the Devil.  😮

    So, I guess, with the women in my family, this Force-Affinity was always encouraged. With the men, I think they were so afraid of the women that could “do” things that they refused to open up to it.

    Always interesting to read stuff like this. Good topic for discussion.

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