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    [size=12pt]THE FIRST INSIGHT [/size]
    [size=10pt]A CRITICAL MASS[/size]

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    [size=10pt]A new spiritual awakening is occurring in human culture, an awakening brought about by a critical mass of individuals who experience their lives as a spiritual unfolding, a journey in which we are led forward by mysterious coincidences.[/size]

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    The Celestine Prophecy: A pocket guide to the nine insights wrote:
    [size=10pt]The First Insight is the insight of awakening, and focuses in the mysterious coincidences that occur in each of our lives. Of course, for centuries, we have been discounting such occurrences as pure chance and thus without meaning. But as we pincer the spiritual dimension of our existence, opening our minds, we begin to experience the phenomena that cannot be dismissed and pushed away.[/size]


    The Celestine Prophecy: and Experiential Guide wrote:
    [size=10pt]Summary of the first insight[/size]

    The First Insight is the insight of awakening. We look out on our lived and realize that more is occurring than we thought. Beyond our everyday routines and challenges we can detect the mysterious influence of the divine: “meaningful coincidences” that seem to be sending us messages and leading us in a particular direction. At first we only glimpse these coincidences as we race by, hardly paying attention. But eventually we begin to slow down and to look more closely at these events. Open and alert, we are more able to detect the next synchronistic event. Coincidences seem to ebb and flow, sometimes rushing forward in quick succession, other times leaving us becalmed. Yet we know that we have discovered the soul process that guides our lives forward.[/size]


    In the book and the movie, we are introduced to the main character, which is only named in the movie, John. The First Insight is revealed to him as he is at a crossroads in his life. His work with troubled kids is not going as he planned, he has been laid off in the movie, and is trying to figure out what to do with his life. Out of nowhere he receives a phone call from and old friend who just happens to be in town for a few hours and wants to meet to talk about something. At dinner she tells him of a manuscript, recently found in Peru that she thinks he would be interested in. She encourages him to look into it. When he gets home there is a flier for trips to Peru, when he calls, he finds out that there was a last minute cancellation, and he can fly out in just a couple hours.

    This is the Synchronicity, or chain of coincidences that the first insight talks about. How sometimes in our lives events unfold by what seems to be mere coincidences, which lead us to a new place in our lives. This is our path unfolding as directed by the Universe, God, or The Force, trying to guide us to our true purpose in life. Unfortunately, we don’t often see these events, and often dismiss them altogether as just “weird”. What this insight speaks of, is the fact that more and more people are beginning to notice these events and not dismiss them, we are starting to see, once again, that there still are some mysteries in the world, that science has yet to solve, and they have to deal with the spirituality of the human race.

    This Insight talks about the feeling of restlessness, the belief of something more, or the idea that you were meant for something more, as being signs that you are straying from your destined path. These often occur when we are at a crossroads, a point in time where we need to decide where our life is headed, and weither or not it’s right. Its at these times that we should looking even harder for the coincidences as these are the universe’s/God’s/the Force’s, way of trying to help get us back on the correct path. In order to recognize them when they come, we need to learn to recognize them in our past, to see how they have affected where we are, and where we have gotten to.

    [size=10pt]Using the First Insight and increasing its benefit[/size]
      [li]Be aware that your life has a purpose, and events happen for a reason.[/li]
      [li]Begin the process of finding meaning behind each life event.[/li]
      [li]Acknowledge restless energy as a sign of needed change and deeper awareness. Listen to your body.[/li]
      [li]Realize that what you pay attention to will expand.[/li]
      [li]Notice when you feel a signal to talk with someone who might be able to help with your current questions. Where does your attention go? What did you notice today?[/li]
      [li]Trust your process. Live by letting yourself be guided, not by a forced set of goals. Know you

    are fulfilling your life’s destiny.[/li]
    [li]Start a personal journal for recording synchronistic events. Writing in a journal is a good way to clarify your thoughts.[/li]


    We do an exercises like these in courses because it is important and often difficult.  If you aren’t looking you miss patterns, and if you are you may see patterns that aren’t really there.  Or can you? From a scientific perspective there is evidence that humans tend to see patterns out of randomness.  There’s a recent study I heard about on NPR where a person tends to see more patterns in randomness when they are struggling in their life.  So from a scientific perspective it’s possible these patterns are an illusion (or delusion.)

    Then there’s spirituality which teaches that there are no coincidences in life.  Any connection we see is real.  Perhaps this is because any connection we become aware of enlightens us to something about ourself or our life.  Even if the connection isn’t ‘real’ from an outside perspective, if it’s useful it’s useful.  I suppose even if it is detrimental it teaches us something about ourselves so it has a purpose. 

    I believe there are no coincidences but that we should be cautious about the connections we draw between events.  When we come from a limited perspective we can draw the wrong conclusions from the connections we draw.  Becoming aware is a key part of a spiritual path – including (perhaps especially) the Jedi path. 

    I’ve said this before, but I have weird gifts.  The most useful is the ability to walk the path I intended before physically incarnating without much deviation or effort.  It’s completely intuitive and unconscious.  In the past few years I’ve worked to become more conscious of these intuitive nudges.  It’s not easy and I tend to overthink, but I much prefer my life trying to see the connections and syncrhonicities than to say everything is a coincidence. 

    Kol Drake

    Reading through The Celestine Prophecy, I kept remarking to myself — that’s IJRS Personal 101, a bit of Communications and Meditation and Force 101.  I could see much of what is taught here sprinkled throughout the book… which I found rather cool.


    From —
    The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence
    by Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom.

    The Universe truly seems to be set up as a platform for the actualization of our expression through and with the Force.  It is a dynamic system propelled by nothing less than the constant flow of the Force around and through us.  As such, the Universal Force is ‘built’ to respond to our consciousness, but it will give back to us only the level of quality of effort we put into it.  Catch-22.  Unconscious or sloppy ‘intent’ tends to give few if any results.  Opening to the Force and practicing to be more open and aware of the physical and ‘unseen’ hones our ability to produce higher quality results and in a more consistent fashion.

    Because our scientific worldview is built on the concept of cause and effect, as a culture we tend to doubt and deny aspects of experience that aren’t measurable and verifiable. So often when events coincide in startling ways, the first words we hear or say are, “Oh, it’s just a coincidence.”  Some people might think of it in terms of the odds.  If there is a one-in-a-million chance of that coincidence happening, why make such a big deal of it?  After all, somebody has to win the lottery!  This point of view has a certain validity:  synchronicity is part and parcel of physical laws.  It doesn’t defy the natural order of events; it simply raises more questions than can easily be answered by a cause-and-effect equation.

    One can google Carl Jung and read his definition of synchronicity.  Also, his story told in his introduction to an edition of the I Ching.  Coincidences and synchronicities can be big or small.  If one never ‘looks’ at them, they will never see them.  Opportunities overlooked or missed entirely.
    Synchronicity is not a word we have grown up with. The concept may not be firmly in our minds, and because we don’t have a label of mental framework for it, we may not notice it. Researchers in communication have found that when we lack a word for an object or a concept, we can’t identify it — and this can happen in the most literal of ways. For instance, in China, there is only one word for red — and people literally do not distinguish between rose, crimson, pink, and scarlet. They lack the vocabulary and therefore the perception that red comes in more than once shade.   So when synchronicity happens, many people overlook it or call it something else.  They might say, “I got lucky,” or “That happened just in the nick of time,” or “It came out of the blue,” or “It jumped out at me.”  Later on, when asked if they have experienced synchronicity, they can’t remember any.  All those incidents are filed away in their memory, but under the category of luck or happenstance.

    When you watch a 3-D movie, you put on special glasses and suddenly see images emerge that had been invisible before.  Learning about synchronicity is like putting on 3-D glasses that allow totally new dimensions to pop out when you look over your life. Those dimensions have been there all along, but now you have the eyes to see them. Once you know what synchronicity is and how to look for it, you begin to notice it everywhere.

    Less stress and more Force
    Our awareness and uncertainty is heightened during these times of turmoil, change, and challenge. When we’re groping for solutions, or even learning how to appreciate unexpected joy, we are much more open to input from all sources. Synchronicity may reassure us, point us in a whole new direction, or give us the missing piece we need to make everything work.  Much more preferable is to be centered and open in a calm manner and to be able to have that same level of ‘open-ness’ so synchronicities can be a more active part of one’s day-to-day life.

    Life happens.  Events such as births, romances, and deaths are times when the worries of daily life recede as we are drawn into the currents of a larger existence. Our ordinary routines are disrupted, our thoughts are focused on the changes in process, and our senses are wide open. We know that when the child is born, when the wedding is over, when the funeral is done, our life will be different in ways we can only dimly perceive now. We probably have a jumble of conflicting feelings. Along with our joy at a birth may come fear about our new financial responsibility; along with the grief of death may come relief at the end of suffering. We might be looking for direction, for answers, for reassurance that the good and right thing is happening.

    When we’re in love, synchronicity seems to jump out all over the place. We feel light-headed, happy, open; the world is smiling back at us, giving the relationship a sense of destiny.   Synchronicity can also intercede at important points in a relationship.  The death of a loved one can thrust in front of us life’s questions, creating openings for new understandings and making us more receptive to synchronicity.

    Turning points occur when we have come to the end of the old and are on the cusp of a new life: we graduate, or lose our job, or buy a house, or our child leaves home. When our beliefs or values change, we may be prompted to leave a relationship or career, or stop drinking heavily, or move somewhere different. Whether we welcome the change or resist it, uncertainty is often present: What lies ahead? What can we do about it?  Often in these times, synchronicity appears in dramatic ways.  The Force moves us along, and it gives us a sense of reassurance and certainty about what we’re doing.  

    Kol Drake

    Living ‘Real Life’

    When we are open, responsive, and attentive to both the world around us and the Force (without and within us), we set up an environment that welcomes synchronicity.  Then we may find synchronicity occurring every day, in the most ordinary of places: on the telephone, at the office, at the grocery store or shopping mall, in the library, at school, in the car.  The more aware we are of our surroundings, the more likely it is that synchronicity will occur — and the surroundings can include such things as overheard conversations, articles in the newspaper, billboards, and songs on the radio.  Read a word and hear someone say it just seconds later.  Listen to a show and have them speak on a topic and hours later, walk down an aisle of a bookstore and have a book literally fall off the shelf — and be on the topic you were watching earlier.  Sometimes they come as a thwap to the head and other times as subtle ‘little things’ one would never notice — unless they were aware and open to the possibilities.

    More from —
    The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence
    by Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom.

    Detecting the Patterns
    Read the four Celestine books and often they speak of ‘being open to Love’.  This seemed a bit too Christian-ethno-centric in my view.  I have a small booklet titled, What is the Force?, which came out shortly after the first Star Wars movie in 1977.  It speaks of the Force; gives an example of meditation; speaks of all matter as energy; and wraps up suggesting the Force is ultimately ‘Love’ which equated to “…God’s universal love…”.  I never could get my head around that one.  Love as in — God’s Love; or Love as in — this was the last of the ‘hippie/yippie/yuppie cultures wanting peace and love and every song on the radio spoke of love — lost, found, up, or down.  The Force and the energies involved are so much more then ‘just’ Love or any one sort of ‘thing’.  Kind of like the Tao — you can try to define and describe it and the more you do — the further you get away from the original concept and idea of Tao.

    For Jedi-in-Training in the real world, synchronicity presents itself in many ways. It can be as dramatic as a firecracker or as subtle as the passing of a breeze across your cheek. You can understand in a flash what it means or its significance may engulf you months or years later. It can change your life forever or it can glance off you, leaving barely a trace of memory.  To understand how synchronicity manifests itself, we can look at the three patterns in which it appears in our lives:  single synchronicities;  strings of synchronicities that drive home a point;  and meaning-packed, multilayered synchronicity clusters.

    This is the simplest, most direct way in which synchronicity happens. The single synchronicity has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It stands out in clear relief from the rest of our everyday lives.

    For example, you are walking down the street, and you cross paths with a friend you haven’t seen for many years. You do a double-take, stop, talk, say good-bye, and walk on.

    What would make this encounter a synchronicity?
    Let’s look again at the definition of synchronicity:  the coinciding of inner and outer events in a way that can’t be explained by cause and effect and is meaningful to the observer. Assume that there’s no causal connection: you did nothing to arrange the meeting with your friend and had no idea he was even in town. Perhaps you were thinking of him just the day before, for the first time in years: Your thoughts would be the inner event, the meeting the outer event, and the meaning might be in the wonder you feel at how things are connected. Or perhaps he fills a need for you: you’ve been thinking of buying a computer, and it turns out he’s just brought one himself and has some good tips for you. Your thoughts about your pending purchase are the inner event, the meeting and his advice comprise the outer event, and the meaning might be that now is the time to take the plunge into cyberspace. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to experience flow at deeper levels: your aspirations are the inner event, the meeting the outer event, and the meaning to you is that you’re on the right track.

    What, then, would make it not a synchronicity?  According to our definition, meaningfulness makes the difference. Your meeting with your friend would be “just a coincidence” if it had no meaning whatsoever for you: you saw nothing special in bumping into him and made nothing of it. The unlikely encounter wouldn’t lead you anywhere—not to inward searching, not to a nearby computer store, not to the power of flow.

    Single synchronicities happen often in things like telephone calls, chance encounters, and lucky numbers. I personally still have these moments.  I have picked up the phone, before touching the keypad to dial, was flummoxed to hear the voice of the person I was about to call on the other end — trying to reach me.  No dialing; no ringing; just… weird.

    Just because a single synchronicity is simple in pattern doesn’t mean it can’t have a great impact. Looking back, you might find that a turning point in your life, such as meeting your significant other, was a single synchronicity.

    Synchronicities can happen one after the other, as though a point is being made over and over again. (I kiddingly call it the old ‘thwap to the side of the head to get this old mule’s attention) Perhaps the friend you bump into on the street was a high school classmate you once had a strong, unrequited crush on. Later that day, you hear on the radio a song that puts you right back into your high school days and the hopeless romantic longings you had back then. And two days later, you open the newspaper and read a story about a budding film star who originally had the same name as the friend you bumped into.

    That would be a string of synchronicities. Depending on what you are going through in life at the time, it could have all kinds of meaning. Perhaps it brings your romantic ideals into focus, clarifying what you want from your current relationship. It might bring about a realization of how you’ve always put your friend on a pedestal and you decide to go visit the friend so you can develop a more realistic relationship. Or you might be pleased to realize that the type of rejection that caused you pain back then no longer does, and to you this is proof that you’ve grown stronger over the years.  Opportunities for growth, learning, a better awareness of self and the world around you.

    Notice that it’s the sequence of occurrences that make this a string of synchronicities. Meeting your friend on the street after so many years might be considered a coincidence by anyone’s reckoning; hearing an old song on the radio or reading a name in a newspaper might not. But because the events occur one after the other, they resonate in your consciousness and have specific meaning to you in their totality.  Random-ness is given ‘shape’ as Jax noted.  Our mind is looking for connections and some ‘order’ to it all.

    Another way in which strings of synchronicities appear is in repeating numbers or words. A certain number may start to emerge as a signal of something important in your life. You may never have heard a word or phrase before, and then you’ll hear it several times, in different forms and contexts. Sometimes the connection of the  phrase to your life is clear and direct; sometimes it’s a puzzle. Folks ‘in the know’ kid about the number 42.  After all, it is the answer to the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything — as presented in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  But, one can again google and find whole reams of articles regarding specific numbers or sequences which pop up ‘seemingly at random’… but which can hold a special meaning to those who look deeper.   There are the 11:11 coincidences as well as the number 23 oddments.  The quirk of numbers in the Mothman incident (the book of the happeningis so totally more then the movie they did, trust me).  The long list of quirky ‘coincidences’ regarding the life and death of Abraham Lincoln versus John F. Kennedy.  One could get loopy (and a bit paranoid in some cases) looking into these instances.

    A cluster is like a string in that it involves a series of linked synchronicities, but its pattern is richer and more complex: It involves many different types of synchronicity with multiple levels of meaning that coalesce over time around a particular theme. Out of a cluster you may draw not just a single message or a specific direction but a broader and deeper understanding of some basic dynamic in your life.

    Let us go back to that street you were walking down. You’re amazed to see the old friend you have not talked to since high school, and the  coincidence is even more amazing because he is in town for only two days, and for the first time in years. He invites you to join him and some friends for dinner that night. You just happen to be free because a few minutes earlier, the meeting you were supposed to attend was canceled.  Struck by the timing, you say yes.  You don’t mind being away from home for the evening because you had words with your spouse the night before: You had seen Apocalypse Now together, and you got into another heated argument over politics.

    At dinner that night, it turns out that your friend’s two friends are Vietnam veterans. Here, you think, is a chance to get some information you can bring back home to enlighten your spouse. You bring up the movie and find out the two disagree about it and everything else about the war. As they launch into a discussion of their differences, you realize they’re exactly mirroring your fight from the night before. One of them says a phrase over and over that really hits you: “Let’s get to the heart of the matter.” You try to figure out why you feel tense, and then you recall that your father used to say those exact words to your mother when they were fighting. In fact, you notice that the man’s name, Don, is the same as your father’s. It brings back to you how much you used to hate to hear your parents arguing — and you start to wonder how much of your parents’ dynamic is affecting your current relationship.   But as the two talk, you see something remarkable happening: they come to common ground, a realization of how they’re bonded by the impact of their war experiences. On the way home, the radio plays, “Give Peace a Chance,” a song you haven’t heard in years; for the first time, you don’t think of it politically but as a song about relationships, especially your own. It makes you thoughtful, and when you arrive home, you’re no longer angry.

    Consider the synchronicities here: the significant encounter, the timely cancellation, the mirroring argument, the repeated phrase, the key song. These could all appear singly or in a string, but when they appear in a cluster, they can be particularly revealing.  The overall theme that emerges is conflict. Jungians might say that your fight of the night before aroused in your psyche a need for a deeper understanding of the issue, and that this created a kind of psychic energy that drew to you the synchronicities.  You can derive many meanings from the cluster, including that you need to handle conflict better in your life.



    This guy said it better then I could —

    SYNCHRONICITY: TRICK OR TREAT? by Stephen J. Davis, 2010

    There are certain caveats when it comes to considering synchronicity in the light of creative possibilities. First, we cannot force a synchronicity, nor can we expect to find one on command. Ascertaining the difference between a true synchronicity and a psuedo-coincidence is the goal of forming good criteria. Second, we must always beware of “reading into” things and relying exclusively on personal, subjective meanings. In other words, some events may truly be synchronicity. Recognizing them and their significance can be highly beneficial. But attempting to see synchronicity in each and every event in our life is an almost certain prescription for paranoia and delusional pathology.


    With that warning in mind, consider — the more deeply you understand synchronicity, the more you’ll be able to see the myriad ways that the Force talks to you.  

    Trust in the Force and yourself and be open to the infinite possibilities which are ‘out there’ ready to point the Way.

    Kol Drake

    In the book, The Celestine Prophecy, a method of asking for synchronicities is given… actually, given over in bits and pieces in that book and the others later.  It is a method similar to one I read for contacting one’s ‘higher self’.  Not certain if that is significant or not.


    In the book, Redfield learns how to get calm, balanced, ‘serene’ and breathes in Nature.   Personally, I like ‘breathing in the Force’ better but… that’s Jedi nerd me.  When the main character has gotten into a ‘higher state’, he tends to see beauty more clearly, more colorful, more intense.  In certain parts of the story, ‘seeing’ this way makes a choice (escape path, road to take, person to approach, etc.) appearing  to him as ‘lighter and/or brighter’… and so he takes the ‘enlightened’ choice.

    I have read of one who had a running dialogue with his own higher self and it would tell him to ‘go right’ or ‘go back and get those tapes’ and such and, by coincidence, found when he did, ‘good things happened’.  Not all can hear the spoken words; some see as ‘lighter/brighter’.  Some even smell ‘nice scents’ versus ‘stinko way to go’.  We all process in our own way.

    Back to the story…
    By getting into this ‘higher state of awareness’ (one with the Force), the main character got to where he would ask a particular question or statement — “Where do I go next?  Where is (insert name)?, etc.”   In keeping with a parable about ‘coincidences being important’, he oft times got the old ‘thwap to the head’ kinds of synchronicities which helped him along his way.

    Struck me as being similar to the findings concerning prayer.
    The prayers ‘that worked’ according to material cited by Larry Dorsey were those which were made as affirmations.  As if the deed was already done.  There are arguments critical of how the ‘experiment’ is so loosey goosey but, imo, the general concept holds fairly true.  Kind of ‘putting the intent’ out there knowing the celestial answering service will pass it along.  :p

    I understand the story had to do what it did to highlight points but the core idea… being in an aware state / meditative yet alert state of being and watching for the energies around you is not so far off the mark.  In real life, you can not typically go around ‘scanning’ constantly — that would be tiring to say the least but, you can take time .. a moment here or there to ‘get focused’… and get energized.  Plus, as Jax noted — you can not go around putting hyper significance into every puff of breeze, low flying bird, or face seen in the random doodles of the bathroom tile.  One CAN be smart about going about their day and life and making the most of the opportunities which present themselves… no matter the ‘origin’.


    I find it hard to get a handle on this Celestine Prophecy thing, my mind keeps coming up with the coincidences that lead to peoples deaths like bizarre accidents at very high odds of probability, some accidents are caused by such a multitude of things that have to happen so many coincidences, is there an alternative force working or is everything just a coincidence that’s bound to happen to someone somewhere because there are quite a few billion of us on the planet. 

    Kol Drake

    heh… you never ask the easy questions do you?  ;D


    Oddities from paranormalnewscentral.com and other quirky type places…

    When Good Things Go Bad…
    Henry Ziegland thought he had dodged fate. In 1883, he broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who, out of distress, committed suicide. The girl’s brother was so enraged that he hunted down Ziegland and shot him. The brother, believing he had killed Ziegland, then turned his gun on himself and took his own life. But Ziegland had not been killed. The bullet, in fact, had only grazed his face and then lodged in a tree. Ziegland surely thought himself a lucky man. Some years later, however, Ziegland decided to cut down the large tree, which still had the bullet in it. The task seemed so formidable that he decided to blow it up with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into Ziegland’s head, killing him.

    So, he ‘had to’ be shot at and time ‘had to’ pass and he ‘had to’ chop down that tree but instead ‘had to’ use dynamite which led to him being ‘shot in the head’.  A series of what would seem unrelated actions/incidences which, when looked at ‘later’, tend to show a bunch of coincidences which led to his death by bullet.  Was the girlfriend’s brother better at ‘visualizing’ so that his desire to see Ziegland shot — was stronger then Ziegland’s ‘urge to live’?  IF Ziegland had just spent the time chopping down the tree, would this be an issue?

    A Tale of Twins…
    On 2002, Seventy-year-old twin brothers died within hours of one another after separate accidents on the same road in northern Finland. The first of the twins died when he was hit by a lorry while riding his bike in Raahe, 600 kilometres north of the capital, Helsinki. He died just 1.5km from the spot where his brother was killed. “This is simply a historic coincidence. Although the road is a busy one, accidents don’t occur every day,” police officer Marja-Leena Huhtala told Reuters. “It made my hair stand on end when I heard the two were brothers, and identical twins at that. It came to mind that perhaps someone from upstairs had a say in this,” she said. (Source: BBC News)


    Coincidence or Destiny?
    We can pick ‘odd tales’ from all over the world and throughout history and the question becomes… is this orchestrated or pure random chance?  Does fate, destiny, intent or coincidence play a pivotal role in what is to happen to us?  Most tend to feel there is a ‘Master Plan’ the Cosmos is following although few if any tend to have any idea of just what that plan is.  There is conjecture that, since ‘we’ have free will, we can deviate from ‘the Plan’ but the tendency is for ‘the Plan’ to modify itself to open opportunities for the end result to occur… either through our actions/inactions… or being pushed to others to ‘change the stream back on course’.  This makes for debate on intelligent guidance and/or God stirring up the mix as He wants or that the basic fabric of the Cosmos is flexible but tends to ‘heal itself’ over time and through the millions of actions and decisions every living thing makes every second of existence.

    No easy answers when you start picking at this sore.

    Kol Drake

    Taking the low road as another viewpoint…  many ‘coincidences’ seem more like conspiracy theories….


    (( take your pick of conspiracy websites…. ))

    Consider Afghanistan. 
    An ‘amazing coincidence’ that Afghanistan is sitting on at least a trillion dollars of mineral wealth.

    .…Deposits in the country include iron, copper, cobalt, gold and industrial metals such as lithium, which is used in coolants, batteries for laptops and mobile phones as well as in pharmaceutical production.

    Lithium batteries are being developed as a low-carbon way of powering vehicles, with Sanyo recently saying it was to start mass producing a lithium-ion battery later this year for solar cell systems and electric cars. The report claimed that Afghanistan contained so much of the metallic element that it could become the “Saudi Arabia of Lithium”.

    The US Geological Survey began aerial surveys of Afghanistan in 2006, using data that had been collected by Soviet mining experts during the Soviet occupation in the 1980s… (source: telegraph.co.uk)

    Here I thought that Afghanistan was only good for the heroin trade, a gas and oil pipeline, and a strategic location to help box in Iran and to check China. So you can imagine my surprise when I recently learned that Afghanistan was sitting on so much mineral wealth.

    What a coincidence!

    The United States and NATO just so happen to invade Afghanistan to bring those people Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy. Then by some amazing stroke of good luck, the invaders will also be rewarded with the control of Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth. Sure there will be a puppet government that pretends to be in control of the minerals there. But the real control will be with the transnational corporations that will steal the Afghan resources by paying a nominal fee and a few bribes to key political puppets.

    Here are some more past Amazing Coincidences:

    Rove’s IT Guru and Accused Vote Rigger Dies Before Spilling the Beans

    Michael Connell, Karl Rove’s internet Guru, was ordered to testify regarding what he knew concerning voter fraud in Ohio and other states. Connell was accused of tampering with the 2004 election for President Bush. An accusation he denied publicly as he privately considered a deal with prosecutors. Connell feared for his life and was reportedly threatened by Rove. He also was concerned that someone was tampering with his plane. But as unfortunate luck would have it, Connell’s plane crashed.

    DC Madame Coincidentally Suicided

    DC Madame, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, was convicted of operating a high priced escort service that provided prostitutes to the famous and powerful of Washington D.C. Her list of clients was said to contain the likes of Dick Cheney, although that accusation was never shown to be true, and the Feds sought to gag her from revealing too much. Previously Palfrey’s escort service employee and University of Maryland professor Brandy Britton was also found dead in an apparent suicide before she was scheduled to testify. When asked about Brandy Britton’s death, Palfrey said, “I guess I’m made of something that Brandy Britton wasn’t made of.”
    Surprisingly, Deborah Palfrey must have found she was made of about the same stuff that Britton was made of because she also ended up dead in an apparent suicide.

    Corporate Crime Fighter Removed Before The Largest Financial Scams Revealed

    New York Governor Eliot Spitzer made a name for himself by taking on corporate corruption. He was seen as a champion of the people against those in the financial sector. Spitzer’s political career looked bright indeed and the watchdog of Wall Street might even someday be President. But then in January of last year it was reveled that Spitzer had a thing for prostitutes. By March, Spitzer’s political career was over.
    Coincidentally just as Spitzer’s political career was ending it was being revealed that the American financial system was built on deception and lies. With Spitzer out, there wasn’t anyone with the guts, grit, and determination to follow the money trail and tackle the corruption.

    Some other famous Coincidences

    Dr. David Kelly was a British Ministry of Defense Weapon’s Inspector that blew the lid off the lie that the British and American governments had no idea that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But it seems that all of the testifying and media attention got Dr. Kelly down so he decided that life was too much for him. Or at least that is the official explanation but others, such as a British MP, are convinced that Dr. Kelly was murdered.

    Anti War Politician Paul Wellstone, the consciousness of the American Senate, died in an airplane crash just as the Administration was gearing up for a war in Iraq. Wellstone would have been a strong voice in opposition to the war in Iraq but coincidentally his voice was silenced by his untimely death. “Wellstone held the balance in the Senate for the Democrats; he was as opposed to Bush policies as any Senator could be, in issues of war, health policy, and labor issues. His death has great political and social significance,” according to an Indymedia report.
    Conflicting reports regarding the Wellstone’s plane crash has left much to speculation.

    On the day of the attack on America, 9/11, the United States government was coincidentally conducting war games in which planes were posing as hijacked airliners. Air traffic controllers were confused during the attack on September 11th because they were unsure if what was occurring was actually the war game. Also of note, was the coincidental bizarre collapse of World Trade Center building 7 without actually being hit by an aircraft or being subjected to any major fire.

    The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King coincidentally occurred just as King was planning a major poor peoples march on Washington DC. The movement against oppression in America was gaining a great deal of support and was expanding to include the injustice of poverty. Sadly the dream was interrupted and many had suspected that James Earl Ray, King’s accused killer, had help and support from others. In 1999, the King family received some solace from a civil trial in which the jurors found that there was involvement from others, including agencies of the United States government, in the killing of Dr. King.

    Senator Robert Kennedy was poised to take the Democratic nomination and most likely the Presidency of the United States. But a lone nut job, Sirhan Sirhan, made sure that Kennedy would not be able to continue the work of his older brother. Acoustic evidence has since supported additional evidence that there was likely more than one shooter during the killing of RFK.

    President John F. Kennedy was set to dismantle the CIA, end America’s involvement in Vietnam, bypass the Federal Reserve, move past the cold war, and continue the crusade against organized crime. But a lone “shooter” saved the day for the key players in the military industrial complex by taking out the people’s President.


    So much for paranoia.
    One has to wonder how much an accident is from ‘natural forces’ and how much is a series of decisions — either intentional or poorly made — which ball together to make something ‘big’ happen… be lucky or deadly.  And one has to wonder if these ARE coincidences or part of some convoluted game of manipulation and intrigue.  Or just plain dumb luck.

    Getting back to the original premise.
    It is kind of like asking the age old question… Why do bad things happen to good people?
    More then one book has been written trying to answer that short little gem.

    And peteshido’s question is right up there with it… how ‘coincidental’ is coincidence and how pivotal is it in how our lives go or end?
    Is it all due to intent or part of a master plan (ala the multi series teen summer killer thriller, Final Destination) where some things ‘have to’ happen because ‘they have to’.

    Kol Drake


    Just a note that I’m merging discussion from the post in the general forum area to this one because it belongs here.

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