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    As you may know the first black hole was observed and the first pictures were taken. But what those that mean to us ? The philosophical impact of what I am about to say is major even though I start by explaining the basis of the basis but please keep reading.

    This post is a though about the nature of what we all call reality. The rest of the argumentation is based on PBS Space Time (the video about space time I use as a base narration can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YycAzdtUIko&t).

    We are gonna discuss about space time and this is might have huge impact about free will, time and space as we consider it in out daily life.

    Let us take it slow. Please give up what you consider being space and time. And accept ignoring what you think and any concept I mentioned. Suspend any judgement. It might be difficult, and our brain might resist but even Einstein admitted it was difficult.

    SpaceTime : refers to whatever external reality underlies our collective experience of the space between things and the time between events.

    But as you might have noticed it means, you have space, time and spacetime. Why add an extra layer ?

    Imagine 2 observers are moving in the universe relative to each other :

    #1 – Those observers can disagree about how much time passes between events (one at a black hole horizon, the other one on earth)

    #2 – They can not agree on the space between things at any given moment (we see the expandable universe expanding quicker than the speed of light and someone at the border wouldn’t agree since that’s impossible)

    #3­ – And they can not even agree about the chronological order of those events (a guy entering a black hole will seem paralyzed in space while you see a supernova blowing, this person will tell you that no he/she entered before but yet you see its image blocked on the event horizon and paralyzed at the limit before the star blow up)

    Yet you are both right. It sounds silly but it is true and there are a lot of experiments and published studies that can prove it (I can provide the links to published reviews).

    What interest me here isn’t the physical results but what it implies on our conception of reality. And especially as Jedis.

    Let us just take the point about the chronological order of things. The impact is severe! This means that our present is in someone else future. Which might mean that your decisions right now when you are reading this are technically in someone past (a particle for example). So that means whatever you are about to do has already happened.

    What does that mean as a human being ? Maybe that you are not here to make a choice. You already made that choice;

    So wat are we left with ? Maybe understanding that choice (big up Matrix !).

    I’m stopping here as I believe I thrown enough controversial concepts and ideas but how do you see this as a Jedi ? ?

    Kol Drake


    Depending on how your eyes ‘look’, this subway can be going either way.

    This is just an optical illusion.

    BUT, one could use the argument that — YOUR reality is determined by ‘how you see things’.

    Does that make YOUR reality any more (or less) valid than MY reality?  Not at all.


    Juggling 4D (or 11D) concepts is almost the same.   It is ‘mind boggling’ compared to the concepts we learned in grade school math and science;  I grant you that.  However, we then get into ALL the weirdness of ‘reality’ as we look at ‘double slit particle studies’ and dying/not dying cats in boxes and many other theoretical concepts that can bring on a headache in short order.

    Do all these concepts change the world we live day-to-day in?  Nope.  They enhance our overall understanding of “The Universe” but have little affect on how we go about our daily life.  Time does not flow sideways because ‘we are enlightened’; space does not bend because we ‘understand some deeper meaning of the Matrix’.

    We live in a reality ‘maintained’ by mutual consent (for the most part) (( wizards and force users can ‘bend the rules’ but there ARE still rules.))


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