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    My sister had bought a pet hamster called Peaches for her daughter (my niece) after her old one Snowy died. The new hamster Peaches was bought on impulse and nobody seemed to want to take care of it, speak to it and most of the time people never noticed it. I felt sorry for this little hamster that did not have any say in what life it took and that my sister had given a pet not a very good lifestyle at least so far. The hamster wasn’t very friendly and it was scared of people as it had not been socialized properly.

    One day I went to feed the hamster as nobody else would. There was no hamster food so I gave it a handful of cornflakes (a cereal eaten by humans) after feeling very sorry for this poor animal, however I forgot to shut the cage lid and during the night the hamster escaped. The next day I turned the whole house upside down looking for this hamster. I felt so bad my sister and my mum made me feel really bad and I felt like a hamster killer however I had faith that it was alive.

    The second night of looking for it I was setting out a trap for the hamster. I put some food on the floor and put some flower round it so that if the hamster took the food it would leave a trail. However before heading to bed I heard a scratching noise coming from a vase. I was hoping it was the hamster I was wishing it was. As I looked in the vase I saw Peaches struggling to get out of the vase. I was so happy to see her alive. I cleaned the hamster and gave it some food and water. The hamster seemed so stressed and frustrated and I feet so sorry for her and I felt so guilty of what I put it through.

    The day after I felt starting thinking about how I felt about everything that had happened and I noticed that I built a strong bond with this little animal. I sat up at night when it had escaped thinking about it. After finding it and getting back to normal I noticed I started to speak to the hamster more, and want to take care of it. It was as if it was my own pet although it wasn’t.

    This experience is a prime example of how humans have a strong bond with all animals. I believe that this bond was the Force connecting me and Peaches together. I now feel this bond not just with the hamster but with other pets like my dogs. I have learned that I should do my best to be kind to all things and maintain a bond with animals especially those who do not get a choice in where the live, what they eat, etc.

    (This is a story of me and it is a true story :P)


    It’s a good story from which everyone could learn something. A pet isn’t a toy and because of that everbody have to be aware of that fact. A pet is a living creature and that, if you get or buy one, you have to take the responsibility for it.
    Having a pet is for me like any other kind of relationship. You have to work on it and take care of it. If you do so you will get all the joy and benefit out of it. If you don’t, than you have to live with the outcome as well.
    The youngest sister of the girlfriend of my brother has a dog. The dog came to her passing over from her oldest sister (the girlfriend of my brother) through her middle sister. But, as she is now the age of adolescence, her interest for a lot of other things are greater than for the dog. Because of that and the fact that the dog is a hound, she is not working enough with him and the dog is a bit to active. The problem is, that there is nobody else left in the house who could take care for the dog than her. So her two sisters already talked with here several times about the fact that she should think over this fact and if she is not willing to take the responsibility for the dog any more that they would have to give it a way to somebody whom could handle the dog proper. So I hope for her, that she get grownup in this point fast enough, because in the moment nor the dog nor her could really enjoy the relationship.

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