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    The bulk of my training journal will be on my WordPress blog, but I may paste excerpts in here from time to time as well.



    Patience with others…check.

    Parenting and teaching both have taught me to accept people for who they are at this point in their growth.  Of course, I have my days when dealing with the deliberately obtuse or extremely arrogant that this is pushed to the breaking point, but really, for the most part, I do pretty well in this regard.

    Patience with myself…a work in progress.

    I am a perfectionist by nature and have a tendency to obsess over things if I don’t get them just right.  Now, the good thing about this is I am always pushing myself to do learn, grow and improve.  The bad thing is that I tend to be a bit brutal with myself in the pushing.  So, I need to be more compassionate and gentle with myself.

    The other thing that is a challenge for me is I have a tendency to want to learn it all in a single gulp (which is probably testing Kol’s patience!).  This is driven by curiosity and enthusiasm, which are not bad things in and of themselves.  However, usually it leads to me leaping right on past some important stepping stones along the way.  So, I am trying these days, to channel that enthusiasm into savoring the where I am right now, instead of getting ahead of myself.

    Having written that I can almost hear Kol’s reminder of Yoda’s words to Luke Skywalker – “Do or do not, there is no try”.  

    Very well, then. Today, I am going to DO what I’m working on now mindfully and enthusiastically, experiencing it fully and completely.


    It’s a variation on an age old question: Who will run out first, You with your questions, or Kol with his answers? :-D  And just wait until Aslyn finishes his course.  You’re all going to have a blast!

    Kol Drake

    Hey… into week 3 and I am not running for the hills screaming just yet.  :noway


    An excerpt from the training journal on my blog:

    “Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth. “
    “What truth?”
    “There is no spoon.”
    “There is no spoon?”
    “Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

    The Matrix

    Our five physical senses constantly deceive us into believing that the world of matter is real because what we perceive through them is solid, has color, hue, texture and so forth.  Quantum physicists know the reality –  the world of matter is comprised of endless configurations of energy and that nothing is truly separate and distinct from anything else.

    Why is this important for a Jedi?  Well, for one thing, if we realize the truth, we can train our minds to perceive those patterns of energy and can sense ‘disturbances in the Force’. We could also use the ability to cure disease and heal wounds within ourselves and others or to stop a person about to commit a violent act with a ‘Jedi mind trick’.  This also opens up endless possibilities if we could just train our minds to work directly with the individual ‘threads’ of this sea of energy in which we all swim.


    Vaguely related to this, I just read an article about an experiment to try to show whether we live in a holographic universe or not.  http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/breaking/2010/10/20/fermilab-scientists-to-test-hypothesis-of-holographic-universe/ You might find it interesting.  Personally, I don’t know what they’ll discover.  I guess time will tell.

    Kol Drake
    “You may indeed be the architect of your own reality, but you are still, nonetheless, standing on my foot.”.

    At the same time, CERN is speaking about possibly ‘breakingthrough’ and discovering new dimensions, new matter and particles.

    ‘Everything’ is a whole lot more then what our typical 5 senses can ever discern.  And, as one delves deeper into the sensing and use of the Force, one tends to run into many of these “spoon” moments.

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