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    R Temi

    Great ! I would refer you to Rupert Sheldrake , a scientist who knows nothing of shamanic practice ,yet is a pioneer in energy fields research . An easy  read , and I think, of some significance to you . It gets into the details of what I think is “The Energies” that we are all about . One of the groups I have been involved with , the noetic sciences, is a good source of info . Also from them I tried a something that helps you learn to control the biological fields of the body . You probably know about it already, The “Wild Divine” game ? Here though , is my real purpose for contacting you .  I would like to offer on idea,  to any with a mind to expand the future . Go into your mind’s eye , (grounded and protected of course) Call from the noblest core of your being , the best possible future of the Jedi . There will be differing visions of course, as one can only see that which one will have a part . Here comes the vital ingredient . Draw , by hand , with as much care as you are capable , the image you see on a white background . Put the image where you can see it as you drop off to sleep ….

    Kol Drake

    Morphic field is a theory that organisms are ‘told’ how to arrange themselves to become what they become.  That the mechanistic ‘all the pieces are there and it should build a body’ is not enough to explain how ‘it all works’.

    For those interested, I would refer people to read ‘The Field’ by Lynne McTaggart… since it mentionins morphogenic fields and touches on ‘standard reproducible’ experimentation and results which tend to show how the cells communicate and how so many things once thought ‘wacko’ in the 60’s – 90’s are now being accepted by the mainstream. (slowly but accepted)  

    McTaggart also shows how Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s moment of ‘satori’ in space coming back from the moon led him to contact many of the (now) pioneers in research into consciousness, zero point energy / zero point fields, cell level communications, telepathy, OOBE, askashic memory and so much more…. along with helping to create the Institute of Noetic Studies — IONS.


    Hey, Kol!

    It’s been awhile, huh? Anyhoo… a really good book that includes exercises on the elemental attunements is a book by Donald Michael Kraig called Modern Magick. I believe that some of the lessons at this academy have been adapted from his work. Now, some people may call his work too simple, but I found it to be very down-to-earth and sensible. I don’t care much for the melodramatic stuff, so, Kraig appeals to me, and for some reason, I think he may for you too. ;)


    ‘The Field’ is a great book, I have that one and I would certainly recommend it. I’ll also mention that I’ve seen some mention made of morphic fields in actual embryology medical journals, so it’s not altogether ignored by science. If anyone is really interested I’ll dig up the reference to that article for them.

    Kol Drake

    Did not mean to come across like Mr. Sheldrake’s work was being glossed over.  In ‘The Field’ more then a dozen of his articles, books, and commentary are referenced so it’s not obscure or ignored. 

    Kol Drake

    Just this last week, I was having an early evening munch and the television was tuned to ‘Dr. Oz’ — a medico that covers trying to get healthy and sometimes presents new age as much as ‘eat veggies’ tips. This particular time they presented something that was supposedly the ‘grandfather’ of feng shui called Vastu… which was presented as ‘aligning the elements to the place you work or live in’. Basically that a certain direction ‘aligns’ with water or earth or fire or air and you decorate those rooms with the appropriate ‘elemental’ influences — color, pictures which represent the element, etc.

    It was different and a little interesting so, I figured I’d toss out a micro ‘thing’ I once read about ‘getting in touch with the elements.’

    Old old school thought (and some New Age thinking) sorts the world into four categories: earth, air, fire and water. There is also a fifth aspect, known as the element spirit. These elements have served as a foundation in the Egyptian mythologies, Tarot, astrology, the Earth’s seasons, the balance within a circle (or five pointed star), and various religions.

    The introduction of the four elements is credited to Sicilian philosopher Empedocles, in the 5th century, BCE. The concept of the four elements, and the introduction of the fifth element, spirit, was later taught by the philosopher Aristotle in ancient Greece. His theory, and use of the element of spirit is differentiated from the other four elements which occur naturally. Spirit can therefore be seen as the glue that holds it all together.

    Pop quiz: Did you know that burning a candle is the simplest of all balancing and grounding rituals, because it includes all of the four elements?

    Take a candle—any candle will work for this exercise. Hold it in your hands, and begin to focus your intentions on the candle. Is there a prayer or simple request that you have? Take note that you have already introduced the element of spirit into your exercise.

    Now, as you hold the candle in your hands, take note of its solid form. The hard wax candle is representative of Earth. Now, set your candle, and bring the element of fire to the wick and begin to watch it burn. By placing your hand a few inches above the flame, you will begin to feel the element air, as you identify the energy being released in the form of heat. Lastly, take note of the wax melting, and beginning to pool like a small pond, the element of water.

    Back to the main topic —
    In each of us lies a balance of four elements. Our physical existence is the element earth. Our emotions and ability to show compassion are associated with water. Our intellect and creativity is the element air. Our passions and motivation are aspects of the element fire.

    Being able to see the world in terms of elements will aid you in discovering divine balance. When you have balance of the four energies, you will lead a more balanced life. If you are feeling a little lethargic and unmotivated, you will be able to take note that your “fire” is out of balance. Perhaps a day at the beach under the sun, or a day in front of the fireplace, will help warm your soul and restore balance. When you are having a very emotional day, filled with tears and sadness, it is likely that your water elemental energy is very high. An inspiring and creative project, such as painting or crafting, will introduce a little air energy into your life and help carry away some of the heavy water energy.

    Just as we are all unique beings, our natural surroundings are unique as well. Each tree, person, animal, and even the meal you consume today are a reflection of the elements. When you can see the displacement of the elements in all creation, you will become more adept in relating to your surroundings.

    Here’s a handy guide to some of the correspondences of the elements:

    Direction: North
    Color: Green or brown
    Key Words: Grounding, solid, strengthening, money, finances
    Natural Objects: Stones, mountains, trees, dirt, vegetables, ground, bear

    Direction East
    Color: White or yellow
    Key Words: Intellect, creativity, inspiration, art, legal matters, new projects
    Natural Objects: Feathers, incense, wind, scents, birds

    Direction: South
    Color: Red
    Key Words: Passion, love, vitality, erupting, energy, courage
    Natural Objects: Volcanoes, bonfires, candles, sunsets, fireworks, sun, snakes, fireflies, dragons

    Direction: West
    Color: Blue
    Key Words: Emotions, healing, cleansing, calmness, intuition
    Natural Objects: Ocean, waves, streams, moon, mermaids, nautical items, boats, fish, dolphins


    Now, I know this is not exactly ‘like’ what one may have learned in pagan / wiccan / or other magical practices. I mean, shouldn’t ‘earth’ be ‘down’ == south? And ‘air’ as ‘up’ == north? And there are ‘making a blessed circle arguments as to which element should be east or west. All I can say is — use the one that works for YOU. And if you have little results with it ‘one way’ — trying switching it up and do it with the directions/colors/elements swapped to a different arrangement. Sometimes a tweak is all it takes to get the energetic ball rolling.

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