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    I perform a few types of meditation. I spent a few years practicing zazen and other forms of Buddhist meditation, like shamatha. Recently, I’ve been doing Christian forms of meditation and did so today.

    I sat and invited God in, which I view as the Force/the source of it. It was a silent meditation prayer in which I listen to God/The Force. Meditation begins with deep breathing, then when relaxation sets in, I return to a regular breathing rhythm that I use as a focus to keep my mind from wandering. Next is visualization. This time leads into communing with God/The Force which is followed by listening, opening myself up to be receptive to whatever message I am meant to hear. Then I rest in silence until such time as I feel it necessary to come back to the moment.

    Today’s visualization meditations were simply relaxing and calming. I did not receive anything specific except comfort and relaxation, which is much needed as two days ago I was in a rather nasty car accident that I walked away from entirely unharmed.

    Tomorrow I will perform another form of meditation I’ve done for eight or so months. It is called Lectio Divina, where I read certain scriptures in a meditative way, pondering their meaning and opening to new interpretation.

    Kol Drake

    You got the most important part in…. listening.
    Most folks who ‘pray’ to their Gods spend all of their time complaining and never listening.


    That is indeed the key; listening to the voice of the Force, whatever form that takes for the person in question. It is always speaking to us, we must simply sit, be receptive, and truly listen.


    Can you describe what reading in a meditative way means for you?


    Certainly. Slow and repetitive readings gives time to go beyond the initial mental determinations we make when reading anything. Constantly reading and thinking and being receptive to new interpretation provides a meditative experiment to not only get at the root of what’s read, but to hear the message that the Force/God may be trying to convey.

    It means spending time doing the above so that one can learn patience and gain deeper understanding.


    Perhaps a better way for me to conceptualize God as the Force would be to recognize the Force as the Holy Spirit. It flows from God and Christ and is the influence I feel in my life.

    I come to this conclusion after trying another kind of meditation that visualizes and revolves around the Holy Spirit. Part of the meditation is inviting it in and feeling it flow. It is literally a Force, permeating and flowing through all things. I plan on pursuing this form of meditation further.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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