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    A very different meditation experience than usual. Visualization is become second nature. I used the abdominal breathing I learned for the Meditation 101 exercises however this meditation was done for my Shamanic Practice. I don’t know if this will count for the Meditation 101 assignment but I wont be moving on to the next lesson until I have done a few more.

    My Task was to go into meditation, and visualize a cave, a forest, a mountaintop, somewhere I can feel safe. Once this place is fully formed in your mind, call into it your fear, however it appears. Confront it, and challenge it, that I might overcomeit.

    I was sitting at a camp, my camp in a large forest. There were no other people, just me. In front of me I could see a fire, wood burning in the center with rocks surrounding it in a circular form. Trees meters from me with just a small open space for a camp. Beyond the fire I can see a stream that runs west and then takes a turn and heads north from where im looking. I am sitting on a cushion. I can see brown and green below my feet. Bark and moss, short grass and dead grass. I look behind me and I see a shelter build onto the side of a tree. Long logs resting on the side of a tree to make a shelter. I have no bags, nothing but my camp and myself. I am alone in this camp.

    I reach out my hands, visually and physically and I can feel the fire. Physically I feel my hands begin to warm up, I can hear the wood cracking as it burns, insects making high pitch noises. The sky is blue with only a few clouds. As I warm my hands I see flashes of a cold snowy mountain top. I recognise the mountain as the Ben Macdui in the Scottish Cairngorm mountains.

    I call out my fear and nothing happens. I call it again and nothing happens. I see a black cloud or void floating above the stream that heads northward. It dissapears as I look at it. I realize I am alone in this camp. My fear is being alone. I get another flash of the snowy mountains but this time the Devils Point in the Cairngorms. This is a reference to my lonelyness. My experience in the Cairngorm mountains was almost dying because of lonlyness. I carried on walking when I knew it would get dark. I got lost in the wilderness of the Mountain range and slept outside in sub zero temperatures soaking wet and hanging on to dear life. All because I didn’t want to be alone. This is my fear. My fear is lonelyness.
    I feel that I am not alone. When I connect spiritually with nature I will never be alone. I know this now. When I look up across the stream again I see a wolf. A wolf I have seen in another visualization but not intentionally. I did not plan to see this wolf and yet it is here. I know the wolf is happy. Happy that I have realized this. I warm my hands on the fire again and he vanishes. I open my eyes and I am back in reality.

    A very enlightening experience.

    Kol Drake

    I missed a meditation session because of my flu. Very difficult to meditate with it. The flu is on the way out so I managed to do a few minutes tonight. Decided to try out some white noise, instead of ambience music. Very strange white noise After a while listening my mind keeps thinking there is something beyond the noise. I keep thinking im hearing something else but can’t put my finger on it. Very unusally. Relaxing though.

    My abdominal breathing is improved a lot, and it takes me mere seconds to feel the sensation now. It is strongest in my hands and I can feel the force just by focusing my awareness. I think I am ready to move onto the next exercise.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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