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    This is the DVD that I have been using every morning to do my workouts, and I think it’s pretty good for anyone who is just learning Tai Chi.  It’s called “Tai Chi Beginning Practice” by David-Dorian Ross, put out be Gaiam.  This DVD really does make you feel better when you are finished doing the exercises.  There are two parts to the DVD: Beginners Tai Chi and A.M. Chi(for beginners).  In the first part David-Dorian Ross guides you through some of the simpler forms in Tai Chi, explaining what you are doing and how to properly do each movement.  He then moves on to showing you how to properly step for these movements and put these movements and steps together.  I found it to be very informative and useful as well as beneficial for the mind and body.  Next is the A.M Chi portion of the DVD.  Here he gives you other movements to preform and explains what each set of movements are. The three sets of movement he gives you are called Collecting the Chi and Mixing in the Cauldron of the Body, The Eight Pieces of Broquade, and Opening the Heart, I believe.  He then begins to explain each set of movements, what you are doing and why you are doing it.  This exercise goes on for about 20-25 minutes and makes you move every part of your body so that you have worked out with everything.  He makes sure to tell you when to breath in and breath out, how to hold your hands, and where your feet should be.  This DVD has helped me in my Jedi training by offering me an softer alternative to my usual martial arts training.  Much like my traditional Katas that I do, this is a moving meditative form allowing me to focus on the here and now through my movements and breathing.  It also helps in that it gives me a low impact form of physical fitness yet still increases my flexibility and keeps my muscle tone.  I would suggest that if you can locate it, get it.  I found mine at Target in the sporting goods department.  You may be able to find it online from Gaiam or Target, maybe even Barnes and Noble.  I am sure you will get as much from this as I did if not more.  Make it part of your daily routine and you will start seeing a difference in things you do.  I make a point of getting up every morning and at least doing the A.M. Chi portion of it to try to make my day a little easier, not that it’s all that hard.  Anyway, it would defiantly benefit you to get this and make it part of your exercise routine or just make it your daily routine.  You will thank yourself for it, and your body and mind will thank you as well.  Please go get this, unless you already have one you like, then stick with it.

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