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    Then you’ll come to it, both the understanding and the symbol, in time.  :-)


    Creating a logo to identify an entity (companies, labels, organizations) is difficult and those artists who can do it…well…they make some money on it!

    An abstract design incorperating the essence of Jedi is probably the most straightforward route.  One that you can “see” if you are looking for it, or arouses interest for seeming to rouse a near identifier for those who aren’t looking for it.

    It could be a very good exercise, and I’d love to have some Jedi identifier on luggage tags, or maybe a bracelet…if I should meet another Jedi.

    It’s fun and social – and can having meaning for many people!  I think it’s a worthy exercise as well.

    Brandel Valico

    Beral While Alex is right and coming up with a symbol for the Jedi is definatly something that should be worried about after a great deal more important things.

    I’ll share the symbol I use and have even gotten tattooed on my arm. (Not that I advocate others do so)




    That’s a nice symbol. Where is it located on the arm, and would you explain the symbolism behind it, please?


    Brandel Valico

    It’s located as a band of sorts around my upper right bicep.

    As for the symbolism behind it. If you look at the council chamber floor in the movies. You will see a variation of the same symbol. With the large center part being connected with others like it to form the circle. While the smaller sections are used as filler.

    I liked it  since the Jedi path is a way to seek enlightenment for myself. Though the symbol is from the fiction. I am among those who doesn’t have a problem with using it as a bases from which to expand upon.

    As such why I choose it as my personal Jedi symbol so to speak. With the small modification.

    It’s well known enough by Star Wars fans that it draws their minds to the Jedi. But not so well known it creates a bias by those who don’t know what it comes from. As most think it looks like an Angel of some sorts.

    So no real symbolism in it for myself beyond that.


    of course there are many symbols to choose from, for example:


    I think the better idea though would be to build one, as said above, based off of the ideals and images that we wish to portray.


    Not everyone in any community agrees with each other all the time–or even most of the time. Heck–that doesn’t even happen in a family and yet you still call it a family! So I think we can call ourselves a community regardless of our agreements or disagreements.
    I, too would like a logo or symbol to show my Jedi affiliation. If you’re at the shops and you’re wearing a SW t-shirt and you come across someone else wearing one, you have an instant bond–the same as you would if you were wearing a fraternity or sorority pin. My sister is in a sorority whose colors are pink and green, and these women seem to be obsessed with these colors–I guess it’s an easy way for them to find each other in the world. I don’t think we need a secret handshake or mystic code words, but some unifying element would be nice.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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