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    Beral Khan

    I am almost certain this topic has appeared over the years on 100s of different boards.  I did not see it here at this time, so I wish to open this box. :)

    It is well known that the symbols of Fictional Jedi are their Robes and Light Saber.
    This is important for those around them because the mere pressence of a Jedi has an effect.

    Other symbols within various cultures also carry tremendous weight and power; Crosses, Star of David, Pentagram, Masonic Star, the Good Housekeeping Seal, Country Flags all carry power within them.  All of them can be symbols of idology that help those who would stand by those ideas remember their focus.

    What are the symbols of the Jedi Realist?  We do not wear certain clothes, or hair styles, or pendants.  We come from such a variety of life, what would we, as members of the Jedi Academy, feel would be representative of, perhaps not ALL Jedi, but Jedi who attend this Academy?

    (school spirit?)  :med2


    We don’t really have any, beyond the individual logos used by the various groups and/or websites in the Community. Which is as it should be. Less focus on ritual and symbolism, more focus on training and practical endeavour.


    I disagree with you, in part, Alex. I think that symbols are very important to group solidarity. I believe that we should have a symbol that just says: “JEDI”

    As I said, it helps with group solidarity, and yes, even school spirit, and stuff like that… but there is another reason. Symbols acquire energy throughout time. They become vibrations unto themselves. A Jedi symbol, after a length of time, would aid the Jedi practitioner in their training and duties just by wearing it.


    It is actually due to the symbology that I found the online community. I was doing a search for the Old Republic Jedi Logo for a tattoo that I had always wanted. I found it, and then found a site that Alex used to own called Contemplari Eruditio…then I found a few other silly things, but that’s beyond the point. The symbol led me to find this community. Today, that symbol is tattooed on my shoulder. If, in the future, the Order adopts a formal symbol, independent of the one that I have now, I will put that on my other shoulder.  :meditate

    And, Alex, before you say that we should be focused on other things… Yes, I agree, but this little thing could help us as a community.  :)


    I’d also like to see a symbol or logo at some point to represent the Academy at the very least, and even better one for the unified Jedi Order. This would be something for the future though, when there’s more time (and more creativity lol).

    Peaceful Warrior


    I thought the symbol of the old Jediism.org site was good.  Also had an explanation to go with it too.

    Peaceful Warrior (in training)


    As though we didn’t waste our time with enough superfluous elements…

    Beral Khan

    I did not mean to cause disharmony.  I merely wanted to see if there was a dialog that has gone before on this subject. 
    Maybe it’s an American thing. :)  We put thoughts and feelings into symbols and use them.  Sometimes as reminders, sometimes as shields, and sometimes as a battery to help us through when our own have seem to have depleted.

    Symbolism has always had it’s place in nearly all parts of life.  Should we never see one here, or should one show up tomorrow, I do not feel as if that would take away from the very good and earnest work I believe you and the others have put into the Jedi Academy.

    Please forgive me if I have, in some way, offended.

    Most Sincerely,



    Of course you haven’t, Beral. My point, to be honest, is that before we start concerning ourselves with symbolim and outward expressions of organisation, it would help if we actually had such an organisation around which such a symbol revolves. Yes, we have a community, but these days it’s a miracle for two people to agree on anything completely, much less establish the sort of communicative harmony that such symbolism would suggest.

    That and, of course, there’s the simple understanding that Jedi are supposed to prefer functionality to show, although I daresay there’s little of that around these days. It seems we’re satisfied more with the appearance of achievement than we are with actual achievement. Takes less effort, you see.


    I think there can be a training purpose in trying to come up with a logo of some sort.  In order to come up with something meaningful, you need to decide what you want to convey with a symbol.  You would probably spend time figuring out what the most important aspects are of a Jedi, and how to present this symbolically.  It’s a definite journey into the subconscious.  I think if a person is drawn to this type of a journey, then they should undertake it.  My guess is that the symbol itself isn’t important, but the journey to the symbol. 

    It’s like the lightsaber of fiction.  Sure, students were given training sabers.  And if the Jedi wanted to, they could have just had lightsabers made. But the journey to making their lightsaber was important. 

    Now, for me, this would be an impossible task, as I am not visually oriented, and am horrible at symbolism most of the time.  But I also don’t feel the call to create one.  If I did, I would spend the time meditating and tapping into that calling.  I believe in following the nudges we’re given.  That’s not to say that others don’t.  :-) 

    Do you feel like you should try to make a symbol Beral?  Or is it random curiosity?  Just curious myself.  :-D

    Beral Khan

    Principle Jax,

    That is a good question… am I drawn to symbolism and ritual. I wonder if my military time hasn’t in some way engaged my love of symbolism.  I recall the retiring of a flag for a unit that I was in.  The unit was being decommissioned and broken up.  As the flag was furrled and covered, most of these tough infantry men (including me) were very teary eyed.  We’d spent many years together and it that flag, as unremarkable as it was, had a little bit of each of us in it.

    I spent many years researching and investigating Nordic Runes.  Even wrote a book on them in relation to the how they can be used as an enlightend path of all things.  The symbolism within them, the history and changing influences on their meaning facinated me.

    So, am I drawn into finding a symbol of a Jedi, or merely curious is somone else has done so?  I am not certain.  Perhaps it could be said I speak the language of symbols and so I am facinated by them.  I seek their sources, purposes, uses (and misuses) by those who claim them.

    I apologize if this seems a bit convoluted.  The thoughts on this are a bit muddled within me. 

    In the end, I suppose I do seek a symbol of the Jedi.  My gut says I will find one.  :med2

    Alex, in my opinion, is correct.  There does appear to be so much more important things to be focusing my energy on here at the Academy.  … but the Will of the Force will be what it is.  :-*

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