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    I’ll share a few more links as well, if people are interested.

    The BioHome looks really crazy, but cool!  Basically, it’s meant to be a closed system, growing food inside and using the plants to recycle the air and waste products.  But that’s a horrible description I’m sure.  Check out the website :-)

    I like the Natural Spaced Domes site because it opens up the creativity.  I never imagined all these different ways to design a dome home without it being just a single dome.  I know Volund was thinking about domes for a Jedi Center design, maybe this will help. 

    Here’s another general green building site.  Their focus is on sustainable architecture, so for those who are interested in alternative building materials, this might be a good place to start.

    This next website isn’t the most user friendly.  But, I saw an article about micro dwellings in an issue of Make magazine, and it was quite intriguing.  The company primarily offers manuals on how to make your own microdwelling.  They offer the main component, I think, but it’s not easy to see how to order them.  In any case, it’s an intriguing system and would be fun for those who are a bit more technically inclined.

    For those that live in the city there is a group (I’m sure more than one) called Growing Power that converts empty city space into sustainable farming for a community.  This shows what can be done within the confines of our cities and is pretty neat!  The food may not be the same quality as a good organic farmer in a less polluted area, but I think it’s a good idea.

    Geopathfinder is a good all around resource.  They focus on ways to improve various aspects of your environment, including the energy of your area.  This is probably a good place to start when thinking about all the things that can be considered when looking to improve your environment.

    For a little background on water treatment, which I’m sure most of us haven’t thought about in depth, this site can give you an idea of the options available.  A safe and clean water supply is probably going to be the biggest problem in the coming years, so it might be worthwhile to know how to do it yourself if the need arises.

    If you’d like to help 3rd world countries gain sustainable energy, one group is fifty lanterns, which provides lanterns (big flashlights) that are solar powered to individuals.  They also work to provide solar powered water pumps and light sources. 

    This is the coolest development that I’ve seen in a while.  I read about this in a magazine a few years back.  Simply they use fiber optics to pipe sunlight throughout a building.  They also link that light output to your standard lights and adjust the lights accordingly.  So on a cloudy day, your normal lights would be brighter, but on a sunny day they would barely be on at all.  And you’d have natural sunlight in any part of the building!  Their website has a few cool pictures that might help understand this better to :-)

    And finally, thin film voltaic solar panels.  I saw this on Scientific American Frontiers a few years ago.  They’re an awesome improvement over previous solar panels.  They withstand a lot of abuse and over the course of a day are more efficient.  Besides, the inventers are a really neat old couple.  :-)  I plan to use this to power my house and recording studio in the future.

    Hopefully these links pique some interest.  I haven’t looked at them in a while, since it’s not time to start planning yet for us.  So far all I’ve done is plant some basil, chives, and green pepper plants and keep them on my patio.  I’m not very good at gardening, but it’s very satisfying.  :-)


    Hey have any of you guys been watching eco-tech. it is a show on the science channel (I think it is only on digital cable or direct TV)  but it just had a show about sustainable housing, but all the show are really interesting with what they are developing.


    My 2nd parent, My friends actual parents, just finished up an earthship year before last. It’s pretty cool. The south side is all windows, the roof is angled just right so that during the winter the sun shines in those windows, but during the summer the house is shaded. It was alot of fun helping to build it as well. I’ve thought about doing something like that a couple of times, but currently I can’t afford it.


    Cool.  Do you know how much it cost for them to build the house? 


    I wanna say between 30-50k, but they were also way out in the boonies, no utilities, and it was pretty much right on top of the rock, I think they were able to dig down about 5ft before they couldn’t get any further down. most of the materials were donated, so most of their expense’s went to equipment rentals. They are still building on it and growing it, but it is definetly nice, and works great. Last time I was up there it was 80 degrees inside, had to open the doors to cool it off.


    That’s interesting.  Thanks for sharing!  :-)

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