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    I’ll admit, I’m relatively sheltered from most winter weather down here in the Houston area.  But every once and a while I’m reminded that a big winter storm moved through much of the US and knocked out power to a lot of people.  At the same time, it’s been pretty quiet on the forums, so let’s check in. 

    1.  Are you alive? (simple enough) lol
    2.  Have you gotten slammed this winter with weather?
    3.  Are you just busy as heck with life?

    1.  Yep, I’m alive, and while I had a few low points and doing remarkably well considering.  That Jedi training does come in handy!
    2.  We’ve been really lucky.  We had snow, which was awesome!  We haven’t had any ice storms yet, so it’s been a very safe and enjoyable winter so far. 
    3.  Life has been insane.  My wife’s seizures took a very bad turn, which meant all of my spare time was spent with her.  She is improving now, so I have more time to be online again.  I’m rather curious what everyone is up to, so jump on in.  :-)


    1)  Going through college I feel more like a zombie, but yes I’m alive
    2) OMG no joke Every bad day there was ice for like a week, and so while my brother’s got off from school, I still had to go….and I had to drive! Good driving experience though

    3) Refer to question 1? lol No I am busy I am stuck balancing college, the academy, work, family, and friends.  Busy, busy, busy



    Ooh, fancy picture.  :-) 
    The balance is tough, but you will learn so much from it.  I joined the Jedi path in college, so I’ve only known the balancing act. 

    It is funny how little they tend to close college.  Hopefully everyone stayed safe.  In Austin we’d get the day off if there was a chance of ice coming in before the end of the school day.  It’s kinda nice actually to get days off.  Up north we didn’t have any days off unless it was bitter, dangerous cold.  :-)


    1. (cheating) same as Phoenix
    2. no, other than the cold (makes it hard to run and i don’t like running inside but my hip can’t take the cold)
    3. (cheating again) about the same as Phoenix

    and yes i’m being lazy, lol, i will answer any questions people have though (not that they want to know anything more, lol)


    I like the picture too ;D

    Some one made it for me over at JAO…and yes balancing is the key word for me.  I actually keep hearing it pop up from place to place; though I can’t reallly judge how well I am balancing until I get my first round of tests and see how I did!


    1.  I am living.
    2.  Not really… my slamming has happened because Caitlin got a tonsillectomy and a 1.25″ slice in her neck so they can biopsy some lumps.  That was nearly two weeks ago so she’s it’s nearly time for her to go in, but I’ve been kind of caring for both her and Lore lately and since I’m the only one who can lift Lore I’ve been the one to put her to bed and wake up when she’s in need.
    3.  Yeah, pretty busy.


    Big hug Nitsud.  I know how crazy days become when you’re only real focus is on the sick person.  I hope it calms down soon for you.  I’ve found after 2 weeks I start to get real stir crazy and need to just do something to rejuvinate myself.  Hang in there, and if you need to vent don’t be afraid to reach out for some human contact.

    The Great Hulking Scotsma

    1.  Are you alive? I think so ???????

    2.  Have you gotten slammed this winter with weather? Yup it bleeding baltic here

    3.  Are you just busy as heck with life? yes and no lol

    Magdelene Nashira

    Alive?  Check.  Slammed with winter weather?  Nope.  It just rains here.  Busy as heck with life?  That would be a huge understatement! LOL ;)


    Send some rain this way.  We’re 4 inches behind on the year already!

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