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    Volund Starfire

    Greetings Jedi,

    Some of you may know me from other sites, but if not then let me introduce myself.  My name is Volund Starfire and I have been following the Jedi Philosophy for about the past ten years or so.  It was not until quite recently (well, five years) that I stumbled upon the internet and found others who also followed the path.  Until that time, I dedicated myself to the Jedi Path as it was described in the fiction, and still do to an extent.

    I am a soldier.  I hold the rank of Cadet in the Oregon Army National Guard and have been serving my country since July of 2000.  In that time I have changed my M.O.S. (military job) from a Unit Supply Specialist to a Chaplain’s Assistant.  I served for a time in Iraq and received a handful of awards there, including the Bronze Star and a couple of Purple Hearts.

    I am a Student.  I am currently attending classes at George Fox University.  This is a Christian University that offers a multitude of degrees and educational opportunities.  I am seeking my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with a Religion, Leadership, and Military Sciences minor, and then entering a seminary for both a Master’s and Doctorate.  After achieving Bachelor’s Degree (and graduating from the Army R.O.T.C.), I will be entering the George Fox Seminary and will be applying to the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps for a Commission in the National Guard and go on for further educational goals.  My ultimate goal is to begin instructing at the small-town community college where I got my start (while working toward a second Master’s and Doctorate in Philosophy).

    I am a Scholar.  Specifically, I study the Jedi movement.  I am currently collecting and documenting the entire of the Jedi Philosophy as it has been posted on the Internet.  As such, I have viewed not quite a hundred sites and still have several hundred more ahead of me.  I have documented the mother-sites of the three branches of the Philosophy (Realism, Metaphorism, and Religionism) and continue to strive to find the first site.  In total I have collected roughly 500 pages of information written by some who are still with us and others who have moved on.

    I am a Champion.  Following the Jedi Path, I have chosen my specialization away from that chosen by many others.  Not Guardian, Consular, Healer, Mystic, or other known titles, I consider myself a Jedi Champion.  I mean that in the old definition of the word.  I stand beside others and lift their problems to be dealt with, sometimes with their aid sometimes without.  You may consider my outlook of the Jedi path more like that of the Dungeons & Dragons Paladin.  Same basic code of honor and such as that is the basis for the specialization which I follow.

    I am a Christian.  Though some have told me that I cannot be both a Christian and a Jedi, I see no reason why both cannot complement each other.  I am a Youth Minister in my church and very devout in my following of the Christian Faith.  You notice I say faith and not religion.  I do not claim any actual religion, as religion is a man-made following.  I am a firm believer that, “God created faith, man messed it up by separating it into religions.”

    I am a Martial Artist.  I am a student of the Ki Society-form of Aikido.  I am three quarters of the way through my progression to black belt, and feel that it is the true art for myself.  I am focusing on the Ki Channeling, Bokken, and non-lethal defense styles.  It is a true Jedi art in my mind as it is totally without attack.  The only way to use it would be to either be attacked or to place yourself in a defensive role between an aggressor and victim.

    I am an Eagle Scout.  A week before I turned 18 years old, I attained the highest rank in Boy Scouts.  A week after turning 18, I was accepted by B.S.A. to be an adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America.  I am now a Merit Badge Instructor and adult leader with several Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs.

    There is not much more that I can say about myself that is not already summed up in the above.  I welcome the addition of this site to the many which have accepted me and look forward to both learning and passing on that which I know.  My life, for my Jedi brothers and sisters, is an open book.  If there is more you wish to know about me, ask and it shall be revealed.  Until then, I will leave you with this (my favorite greeting and goodbye).

    May the peace and wisdom of the Force be with you now and forever.


    welcome aboard :)

    There’s food and beer in the fridge, and straight jackets in the lockers ;)


    There’s food and beer in the fridge, and straight jackets in the lockers ;)

    Shhhh….. don’t tell him that until he is properly sedated. ;)

    Welcome, Volund.


    Hello Volund! I know you from Kharis.  ;)


    Great to see you here mate!


    Glad to see you made it (and got my email lol)


    Hello Volund, glad to see you here too.


    Welcome, welcome.


    Hello Volund, we seem to have a several things in common.  Like yourself, I was a Venture Scout (similar to Eagle Scout I believe), Like yourself I am a Christian, like yourself I was in the TAVR (Territorial Army Volunter Reserve – British equivelent of the National Guard), I was in the Royal Engineers (Combat Engineers) but did not see combat.  I was however on 48 hour standby during the Falklands War.  Also Like your self I have trained in the martial arts (Judo and Kung FU) and like yourself, I prefare the five stanza version of the Jedi Code. :yoda

    Seeker 125


    Well…you know me. Welcome

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